LLP Registration: A simple process

An LLP is a hybrid business form that combines partnership flexibility with corporation restricted liability. The LLP can continue to function even if some of the partners change. The partners’ obligations are restrict to the amount they have all agree. To invest in the LLP, despite the fact that it is a separate legal entity with full liability for its assets. It has the power to make independent real estate purchases and contract agreements. Since no partner is held accountable for the independent or unlawful actions. Of other partners, individual partners are shield from joint liability coming from another partner poor business judgement or misbehavior. This article discusses the llp registration india process in detail:

Obtain a digital signature certificate (DSC): Prior to beginning the registration procedure, you must apply. For the digital signatures of the prospective LLP’s select partners. This is necessary since all documents must be signed and submit online. As a result, the chosen partner is require to get government-approve digital signature certificates from certifying bodies.

Submit an application for a Director Identification Number (DIN):

All design partners. In the proposed LLP, as well as those who wish to become design partners, must do this. You must submit a DIN allocation request using Form DIR-3. The required documents must be scan and upload to the form (often Aadhaar and PAN).The application must be sign by a full-time company secretary. Or the managing director, director, CEO, or chief financial officer of the present firm in which the applicant is seeking directorship.

The propose LLP’s name is protect by submitting Name Approval LLP-RUN (Limited Liability Partnership-Reserve Unique Name). To the Central Registration Centre under Non-STP. Before putting the name into the form. It is suggest that you utilise the MCA website’s free name search tool. Based on the search parameters you enter, the algorithm will offer a list of names that are almost identical. To those of existing companies/LLPs. As a consequence, selecting names that are available will be less difficult for you. The registrar may only authorise a name if the federal government does not object and it is not already register. As the name of a partnership, LLP, body corporate, or trademark.

To incorporate an LLP, send the FILLIP (Form for Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership), the formal form, to the Registrar. In the state where the LLP’s register office is situate the file will be shown. Annexure “A” contains a list of the required fees. If the individual who will be identified. As a partner does not already have a DPIN or DIN, this form offers advice on how to apply for one. A maximum of two persons may submit an application for an allocation.

The Limited Liability Partnership

(LLP) Agreement spells out each partner’s responsibilities. To the other partners, the and the LLP’s partners. agreements must be digitally completed using Form 3 of the MCA Portal. Form 3 of the agreement must be submit 30 days following the establishment date. It is mandatory to print the Agreement on proper stamp paper. Or on the other hand the overseeing chief, chief, President, or CFO of the current firm in which the candidate is looking for directorship. The cost of stamp paper varies by state.


These are the various steps involve in registering the LLP process. And should be kept in mind by those people who are interest in llp company registration in india.