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You do not know what may be the best option and we have something to tell you here. In reality, there is no choice that outweighs the other in terms of advantages, since the decision you make will have more to do with you. To resolve this dichotomy, we will help you.

Until a few years ago, you could only choose a manual car. There were no automatic vehicles and this made things easier. However, quite a few people today have cars that change gear themselves. This increases comfort saves you from having to deal with the clutch, and may make driving easier. But let’s look at this in more depth.

Manual car, you will have control of your vehicle

In  a manual car you will have greater control of your vehicle. You will decide what gear to put in, when to reduce them so that the car has more grip and power when going uphill, how much you want to rev it, etc. The experience will be much better with a manual car, Automatic car lessons with Just Pas School of Motoring.

With an automatic car you will not have any of this, so this may be one of the reasons why you opt for this option. However, it is true that you run the risk of the gearbox suffering a breakdown. That is why it is convenient to check the (gearbox lubricant) to prevent this from happening, in addition to avoiding being abrupt when changing gears.

Automatic car, comfort ahead

In the event that your comfort behind the wheel prevails and you do not want to worry about changing gears, choosing an automatic car may be the best for you. You’ll forget about that third pedal, the clutch, and having to change gears. Your vehicle will do it for you without any problem. If you usually drive around the city and just want to focus on the road, perhaps this is a good choice for you.

Automatic Car Associated with Greater Technology

Another notable aspect of an automatic car is that it is always associated with greater technology. The truth is that old or outdated vehicles do not have this option. Therefore, in addition to the automatic transmission, your car will have extras that you will love. At Just Pass School of Motoring all our vehicles include technology that improves your driving experience.

Is there one option that is better than the other?

As we mentioned at the beginning, no. Whether you go for a manual car over an automatic car will be entirely up to you. Analyze your preferences, if you want to try and drive an automatic car for the first time to see what sensations you have or if you prefer to continue enjoying the control that changing gears offers you yourself. In your hands is the possibility of choosing what you like best. There is no better or worse option, everything will have to do with your tastes.

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