Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a set of marketing actions that you use to promote your products or services via the mobile channel. You are now clear on the concept. Now you might be wondering: Should I implement Mobile Marketing in My Business? It is a clear yes.

  1. Two out of three minutes we spend browsing the internet from our mobile devices,
  2. 62% of respondents surveyed used their smartphones to check email while they were watching TV.
  3. 82% of smartphone and tablet users have purchased from their smartphones or tablets.
  4. In the initial stages of the buying process, the Smartphone is more important.
  5. It is crucial for 80% of users when searching for information and comparing prices, products, and points of sale.
  6. 74% of mobile users have clicked on advertisements of interest via their phones.

If you own an online store, or e-commerce site, Mobile Marketing or Mobile Marketing actions are essential to your business’s success.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

It is equally important to be clear about the type of campaigns you want to run and to know which audience your message will reach. There are many Mobile Marketing actions you can take, but we suggest you start with these:

SMS mobile marketing

Everybody uses their smartphone today to access the Internet, find information, and shop. This is something that everyone does every day. It offers a great opportunity for companies to launch a mobile marketing campaign. A digital specialist can help you with a better marketing strategy.

SMS Mobile Market helps to build loyalty and improve the efficiency of the results. A few key points are necessary to make an SMS campaign successful.

  • Fast and easy: SMS is available for businesses. In seconds, you can send and receive SMS messages from your account.
  • Customizable You can integrate mobile marketing into any format you choose, regardless of whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. You can also customize your SMS campaigns to make the message more personal and offer targeted promotions.
  • Viral, reliable, and viral: This channel will allow you to get 97% of your audience reading you in under 90 seconds. It is the most direct and effective channel. If it contains original content, it is reliable and can go viral.

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Mobile Email Marketing

Email marketing used only one design for desktops a few years back. Companies have had to adapt their email designs for customers to view them on tablets and smartphones. Mobile email marketing is still one of the most efficient communication methods for companies. Because of its ability to personalize and segment, and its high ROI.

Make your email mobile-friendly. There are three ways to make your email mobile-friendly.

  • Scalable design (Mobile aware design): The design responds to the space available.
  • Responsive: Your email will adapt to your device’s screen. Responsive design is different from scalable. It allows you to adjust the design and structure to fit the width of your device.
  • Hybrid (Fluent: The email design is fluid and will be seen by as many customers correctly as possible.

Don’t forget about the mobile format! It is vital today to allow customers to connect with you on a personal and direct basis. You can find more related to this topic articles here. And if you like this information share this article with your friends and family. Also, share your thoughts in the comment section.

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