Nose reshaping

Nose Reshaping Surgery, known as Rhinoplasty

Have you always felt conscious that your nose does not give you a sharp look? If you are thinking about how big or how small it looks on your face and want to reshape it. Don’t worry anymore, because now you can give your nose the desired shape you have always wanted!

In simple terms, rhinoplasty or nose job is the surgery done to reshape the nose. It’s the technique by which the shape of the nose can be changed. The surgery was conducted for medical purposes and for cosmetic surgery to make it sharper. It can also follow purposes such as better breathing. The procedure can be used for the following purposes. Click here to get more information.

  • improve the bone
  • the cartilage
  • the skin or the nose

The rhinoplasty in Ludhiana and surgery cost in India depend on many factors and give you the ultimate results. The main factors are the extent of the job, the technique used, the kind of problems like saddle nose or crooked nose, the surgeon, and location.


Though the costs are very affordable, who wants a drastic change in nose shape? It is specially done in Ludhiana, and the broad range is around INR 75000 for moderate work. Rhinoplasty Surgery can achieve the following changes in your nose and make it sharp.

  • Nose width or position of nostrils
  • Size in proportion to the face
  • Significantly improving crooked  nose
  • Improves the saddle nose shape.
  • Any  change or asymmetry of the nose
  • Any visible humps
  •  depressions of the nose

Rhinoplasty in Ludhiana is done in Ludhiana in the following types

open rhinoplasty

 It is Non-surgical rhinoplasty, another medical procedure for rhinoplasty. In this, fillers are used and can be injected into the nose, and the procedure is done. These filters can change or simply shape the nose in the desired form. It’s done without any incisions or sutures. If there are any depressed areas of the nose, these fillers help to reshape them. These fillers are injected to create a rise form, and this procedure can be used only to increase the size of the nose. but with this not, any reduction can be made. Sometimes, the procedure is used to ease breathing difficulties and cause ease.

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 In this method, A small incision is made on the columella to change the shape. It is the septum’s exterior part; in this, the incision is made in addition to the normal incisions. Hence this is helpful for such a procedure.

Closed rhinoplasty

The entire procedure is performed inside the nose, so it is known as closed rhinoplasty. There are no cuts or incisions made on the columella for this purpose, and Fewer incisions mean fewer sutures.

  • More possibilities for technical variations
  • Lesser edema post-surgery
  •  In this, there are Lesser chances of causing unwanted damage to the nasal area
  •  In this, there is Lesser time conducted in the operating room and faster recovery
  • Lesser scarring

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