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Dignity College of Healthcare avails the online surgical technician training program which is far better than any other technicians program offered online. The unique factor of this online surgical tech course is that it includes the exams review for EKG technicians. It also includes training and national surgical technician certification.

This is the fast-track surgical tech online program, in which you can confidently register as it is both a nationally known and affordable program.

In the time of just 4 months, you can complete this surgical tech training certification program, that too without the liability of any sort of loan on your neck. This will be an additional benefit for you as well as for your family.

How Do These Hospital Surgical Tech Programs Work?

Well, now you must be wondering how exactly this works. For the program, students can effortlessly apply for the online course. Once the certification courses are towards the end, they can pay the fee themselves for it without any sort of burden whatsoever.

The institution, Dignity College of Healthcare is in a position to avail of the certification courses, in the United States. Therefore make it possible for the students that after the completion of their online surgical tech courses and training certification online. They are valid to work even without any outside certification exam.

Whereas, the students aim to need the certification of exams. The institution guides to have HPCT (Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing) for EKG and national Surgical technician certification Exams.

After the successful completion of the course, the graduate can work as an EKG Technician just after 4 months of certification course tenure. In any place or state of choice in the United States, whereas Surgical Tech is in any State.

Students can be able to appear for the National Surgical Technician Exam. At the end of the certification course work even before completing their scrub hours. 

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What Is The Process?

To do the National Surgical Tech Training Certification Course, the following are the steps:-

  • An individual needs to register, and choose the payment option to pay the course amount.
  • After the payment, the student will receive the study materials for the program, within 6 business days
  • Students can then take the program and learn with the help of an online instructor.
  • The first 8 weeks of cured is for an EKG technician. And the next 8 weeks are only for the Surgical tech course. The remaining week is just for patient care if you have chosen the combo for practical learning as well.
  • The instructor decides the module of assignments for the course and then gives them to the students.
  • After the completion, the student can then register for the National Exam for certification.

The test will happen at the closest testing center to the student’s zip code. Generally within 40 miles from the place you reside.

Students also have the option to appear for the test from their computer with a proctor monitoring them on the webcam.

And there you go, you will be a graduate of Dignity College of Healthcare, as well as a nationally certified healthcare professional.

Several students take this course from different states. Each student has to look for an internship for practical learning. To fulfill the hands-on practice after the certification completion program.

Things To Remember:-

  • No Contracts are available for scrub facilities by the institution 
  • The course is certainly for a span of 4 months only.
  • After the completion of the certification program, the student will be receiving the following certifications:- 
  1. EKG Technician Certification (Optional)
  2. Patient Care Technician PCT (Optional)
  3. Surgical Technician

The institution, the Dignity College of Healthcare facilitates an online surgical technician certification program. This course is accepted in the 41 States of America.