Outlook Not Connecting To Server

People mostly utilize Outlook, a superb information organizer, to retrieve emails. Because it offers the ability to store notes, calendars, and tasks, it stands apart from other email organizers. Sending and receiving emails requires a connection to the Outlook Email System. However, Outlook occasionally encounters difficulties connecting to the server. If you’re having Outlook not connecting to server issues, keep reading to learn about possible solutions. 

Why is Outlook not connecting to a server?

The outlook may encounter connection issues with the Exchange server for a number of reasons, including – 

  • OST file corruption
  • Issues with connection
  • Errors in OST synchronization
  • A mailbox that has been removed or deactivated from the Exchange server
  • Microsoft Office or Outlook application files that have been corrupted
  • Outlook profile corruption
  • Add-ins that are incompatible or defective

Regardless of the root cause, we’ll go through every reasonable solution in the section below that can assist you in resolving Outlook’s server connection issue on a Windows computer.

7 Tips to fix the Outlook not connecting to server error

Follow the steps below to resolve Outlook not connecting to server difficulties on Windows. These techniques are compatible with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

This will assist you in preventing irreversible data loss if none of the previous options work for you.

Start connecting to your Exchange server from Microsoft

Follow the steps below to verify your Microsoft Exchange Server connection:

Steps to follow – 

  • First, launch Outlook.
  • To access account settings, just go to “File” then “Info” & then “Account & Social Network Settings.”
  • Examine your Exchange account. The indicator icon’s color will become orange if there is a connectivity issue.

Check your login credentials for accuracy –

If your account information or exchange hostname is incorrect, this program will cause Why is with outlook not working issue. To validate your account credential in Outlook, follow the instructions below.

Steps to follow – 

  • First, launch Outlook on your PC.
  • Click “File” and then “Info” and then “Account and Social Network Configurations” and then “Account settings.”
  • After removing the previous account, choose the desired account from the dialogue box, and then input your right account information again.

Connect via SSL to Microsoft’s Exchange server –

Follow these instructions to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server using SSL:

Steps to follow – 

  • First, launch Outlook.
  • Click File, then Info, then Account and Social Network Settings, then Account Settings.
  • Choose your email address and hit “Change.”
  • Go to the “More Settings”>”Advanced” tab.
  • Lastly, choose SSL as your preferred type of secure connection and press “Ok.”

Verify that the network is error-free –

Why is the “Why is Outlook not working” issue continually happening to you? When Outlook stops functioning, you should verify your internet connection. You won’t be able to connect to any servers if a network is down or not functioning properly. You must check your internet connection and the system’s network connectivity in these situations.

Try joining the same network with a different device. Open Outlook if it is installed on that device to see if it is now functional.

Check if you can get emails from the mail website by trying to open your browser and going there. If you are unable to, there is likely a server issue.

If you were previously utilizing a public network, you can experiment with a private network.

PST file repair and recovery –

If Outlook isn’t working for you and you keep seeing the warning “Outlook cannot connect to the server,” the PST file may be damaged. All you have to do in these circumstances is restore the PST file. Fortunately, tools such as Stellar Outlook Repair can greatly assist in restoring corrupted PST files and recovering data in a new PST file. You may use this program to recover all of the mailbox’s contents, including contacts, emails, tasks, and more. What else? Verified data can be saved in PST or other formats.

To understand how to utilize Stellar Outlook Repair to fix your corrupted PST, install it on your computer and then adhere to the instructions below.

Steps to follow – 

  • Insert a PST file
  • Select “Outlook PST” from the top menu after starting Stellar Outlook Repair. Next, choose “Browse,” upload the PST file as needed, and press “Repair.”
  • Fix the PST file.
  • Allow the program to fix your PST file.
  • Review and save your work.

The app allows you to see recoverable Outlook mailbox data after a successful restoration. Choose what you wish to keep, then click the “Save Repaired file” button. To save the recoverable PST to your computer, choose PST as the file format, hit “Browse,” and then click “Ok.”

Account Repair in Outlook –

You can attempt to restore your Outlook account if the Outlook not connecting to the server problem is still not resolved.

When you have servers or email addresses entered in Outlook, they are referred to as being connected with an Outlook account. Possible disruptions to these settings can lead to several issues, including the one you’re currently experiencing. Perhaps an Outlook account restore can fix the problem. As a result, attempt the following steps:

  • First, launch Outlook
  • Enter the file then Info and after that Account & Social Network Settings and lastly Account Settings.
  • Next, choose your account and click “Repair.”
  • You will be prompted to input or just confirm your account information. In order to exclude the possibility that you typed the erroneous password, it is advisable that you delete the password and then re-enter it.
  • Click the “Next” button. As a result, Outlook is able to immediately connect to the server and, if necessary, identify any issues.

Blocking Extensions –

It’s conceivable that you have an extension activated in Outlook that is causing Outlook not to connect to the server technical glitch. The only option in these situations is to first try to connect while disabling each extension. If everything goes well, it suggests that there is an issue with an extension (s).

Steps to follow –

  • First, launch Outlook.
  • From the left bar, navigate to “File”>”Options”>”Add-ins.”
  • Select “Go,” deselect all the addons/extensions, and then select “Ok.”
  • To see if the issue got, restart Outlook.

Let’s wrap things up!

You’ll notice that the Outlook not connecting to the server problem may be fixed using a number of workarounds. Stellar Outlook Repair is what we advise using if the issue is brought on by a damaged PST file. This utility doesn’t have any rivals on the market for fixing faulty PST files.

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