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All of us are aware of global warming. How day by day, we are damaging the O-ZONE layer. Who is to blame for it? The tremendous amount of increase in pollution. It does not matter what sort of infection it is, but it is damaging our zone. But with the rise in pollution, there is decrease in the health rate. Have you ever thought about what you will leave behind for the next generation? The oceans with no marine life, deserted lands with no water, or the poisonous air to breathe.

To work for the betterment of the motherland now, everyone is performing their duties. And you must complete your responsibility to protect this planet from destroying make it an excellent place to live. You have to follow the rule to REDUCE, RECYCLE, and REUSE. You can start with the basics. Like, stop using plastic containers or bottles as it takes years to decompose. Whenever you purchase containers, look for eco-friendly boxes.


The best part is that now most companies are using Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes products product. Besides boxes, they also use environmentally friendly packing material. So you now must purchase those articles which have the sign of eco-friendly. Let’s find out about reducing, recycling, reusing, and which material is best or it.


Focus on the “reuse,” the reusable techniques wills benefits not only planet earth but also you in several ways. There is no need to throw them away and add more to the garbage. Let’s talk about the Kraft boxes. You must have several custom boxes in your store that you are planning to get rid of. Why don’t you use them in producing something creative and unique? You can make toys from it like dollhouses or furniture like chairs and tables. It does not end here these boxes used for organizing your wardrobe. To be more creative, you can even make a wall-hanging home décor.

Apart from the reuse of the cardboard carton, you can also reuse newspapers, empty bottles, wood, and many other articles to produce DIY ideas. You can even make a compost bin in which you can put many waste articles like a teabag. These wastes decompose and become compost and use when growing new plants.


The mechanism behind this is what you consumed and what you produce. The reason behind it is simple. The less you use than less waste, and there is a little amount to reuse or recycle. Let’s be specific can you use any other product for your purpose? In short multitasking. Let’s talk about the cardboard cartons.

If you receive any gift or any product in these boxes you can use them for placing other items like clothes, and your belonging rather than buying a separate organizer for that. Even go for box printing for your organizer purpose, and you can also use the same boxes in any DIY project. You can make beautiful décor from these boxes, so there is no need to purchase any decorations


The third step of the waste hierarchy is the “RECYCLE.” Have you probably heard the word re-cycle? But what is recycling? Recycle materials are those which you can use again and again to manufacture a new products like cardboard boxes. There are many materials that you can recycle. These boxes are made up of palm wood trees. And the raw materials of these boxes are readily available in the market.

You can reuse these materials numerous times until it loses their strength and quality. The best part of this material is that if you do not recycle them, they decompose within two months rather than years like with plastic materials. When they decompose, it does not release harmful product infect they decompose and fertilize your motherland. Now some companies even use seeds in their boxes when you tear and throw them on the soil and grow the new baby plant.

You need to be careful when purchasing a product from the market. You should know which product is recyclable and which are not. Look for the product which has a recycle symbol. Prefer purchasing product that is not hazardous. It is your responsibility to purchase recycled products.


  • Aluminum Can
  • corrugated boxes
  • steel cans
  • pet plastic bottles
  • glass containers

Whatever is the material. Always check the packaging printing


Always use Eco-friendly boxes to save the earth from damage. Follow the WASTE HIERARCHY criteria for the betterment of mother planet

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