Many people think that hardwood floors are difficult to maintain and renovate, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Parquet floors, first invented in the Baroque period around 1625, were used in the finest parkett eiche French homes. Parquet was and is a favorite of the French royal family.

The biggest difficulty with parquet floors

The biggest difficulty with parquet floors is that the wood grains run in different directions at 90° angles. This makes sanding more difficult since you want to be sanding with the grain of the wood, not against it. A floor covering with wood grain all over makes the job more difficult. Using a drum sander can help get a sanding job done quickly, but you really need to be an expert to use it properly. Considering that parquet floors are not cheap, you should not risk ruining them. Using a grinder incorrectly can damage the grain of the flooring, but there is also a risk that the flooring cannot be repaired.

Using a hand sander might make the job a little easier. Easier, since there is less chance of destroying the floor, but it takes longer to work overall. With this type of sander, you have less chance of ruining your hardwood floor. A random orbital sander gives you more control so you don’t leave deep grooves in your floor.

To repaint every floor, but especially parquet floors, you have to be patient. Sometimes you may need to use sandpaper, which takes a little longer, but this type of flooring requires special care. The grit of the sandpaper depends on how badly the wooden floor is scratched.

When the sanding process is complete, decide whether or not you want to stain your floor. If you have stained, or even if you have not, it is a good idea to apply polyurethane to the hardwood floor. You also have the landhausdiele eiche option of using tung oil if you wish. However, make sure you use at least three coats of polyurethane for best results. This type of DIY can be difficult and time-consuming, but the end result, a beautiful hardwood floor, is well worth it.

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