Writing a book is a true form of art that requires a lot of commitment of, time and focus. When you are sure about the book’s potential, then you need to optimize your book so that it can be reached to its true lovers. Reaching out to the correct target audience requires detailed marketing and SEO strategies when planning your book. If you neglect this step, all your hard work will be gone into vain.

If your book is well written and ready as a final product, or even on the bookshelves for sales, all this is not enough if your SEO strategies are not planned. There are thousands of books available in the market, so how will the people know that your book is out In the market.

each person often observes authors asking questions like how to market their content or optimize their books.

& have gathered some answers for them. & collected some useful marketing tips and tricks from different books for the authors to reach their utmost potential customers. Let’s have a detailed look at these strategies.

Amazon and Kindle Direct publishing:

If you offer your book on digital platforms and neglect Amazon from your marketing plan, it can be the biggest loophole. The significance of Amazon in literary consumption is beyond your imagination. Making your book available on Amazon is no big science with minimal cost.

For self-publishing authors, there is an option of listing your book into categories by default. There is this unique technique of keywords by which you list your book into more than two categories. As an author, you can select up to 7 keywords related to your book. The keywords should be selected so smartly that it will give your book access to other categories. SEO copywriting services are available in the market, and these professionals have technical tools for selecting keywords.

Secondly, one more element is available on Amazon to optimize your book: the subtitle of your book. If you have not planned to write a subtitle, you should write one. From the title to the subtitles to the keywords, every element can give your book a push and reach out to your potential customers.

These tips are very beneficial for self-publishing authors and can have a drastic effect on the sales of their book

Platform-Exclusive Book Marketing Options:

Besides promoting your book organically, some book marketing platforms are available. All the self-publishing platforms offer the authors exclusive promotions option, which enables the auto-promotion of their books on that specific platform. Amazon’s Kindle Select program gives a chance to authors to promote their book via Amazon KDP. These programs boost the sales of your book.

At the printing stage in the self-publishing process, an author must select the publishing platform. In this specific stage, he should also decide if it is worth going for exclusive in self-publishing or not. If you have chosen Amazon for publishing, you will have some limited pre-order benefits. However, if you opt for all the publishing platforms like Apple and Kobo, you can avail yourself of some great pre-order benefits on these platforms. They reward the authors who have considerable orders before the release. This is one of the effective book marketing techniques.

Build an Author Website:

Without any debate, amazon is the hub of bookselling, and one of the options authors can not neglect. But having your website is mandatory for book marketing. Your website should be your home where all your products are available for your fans. A website can also create the authenticity of the author. Especially when you have a collection of your book, then all of them should be collectively available at one designated spot. Writing a book itself is time-consuming; making a website is an added task for which professional help is available in the market. Companies like Creative Writing experts provide authors’ website services as well. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of website development and can deliver the work from a book marketing perspective.

There are several paybacks to having a website to increase your book sales. The website will let you have a landing page for your potential customers. Moreover, having a website is a gateway to your online presence. The website can offer discounts and updates about the book launches; email marketing can also be done through the website. A press release can also be done as a part of your book promotion.

Apart from your product, fill your websites with blog posts, interviews, organic reviews, etc. Your readers need some other engaging content on the website as well. Also, at times a reader will land on your website for some informative blog and become your potential customer.

Establish Yourself as a Writer:

Along with the websites, you should also have a clear social media presence as an author. Make your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages as an author. This social media presence can be a game-changer for you since it can divert your fans from social media to your website and make them purchasers.

Facebook can be useful for your book promotions since it can unite the writer and the reader on one page. You post content, and readers will engage with you via comments, which will create a positive connection between the two parties. This is also a primary source of sharing the release dates and offers to the readers. Fans always appreciate the connection they have with their favorite authors. Make sure that you share appreciation posts on social media accounts to make them feel positive about you. Always try to share what is coming up next; keep your content interactive. On Instagram, try to do live sessions and respond to them. These social media activities have done wonders for some authors.

Additionally, you do not need to craft all your content about your books. You can talk about some latest trends and post reviews you get via Amazon. These social media activities are beneficial for print and ebooks as well.

Reviews are Worth their Weight in Gold:

In all businesses, reviews play a vital role in the authenticity of your product. Similarly, bookselling reviews have a great weight in the whole process. Most of the time, people see the reviews section before making their purchasing decisions, especially with their first purchase. Repetitive customers will not get into the hassle of going through the reviews, but first-time buyers will decide based on what they read. You need to maximize the quality and quantity of your reviews. Let’s look at some of the ways to maintain the review section.

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