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8 Reasons to Choose Dunlop Tyres For Your Passenger or Commercial Vehicle

There is no denying that Dunlop is one of the world’s top tyre producers. This brand is mainly famous for making excellent quality passenger vehicle tyres including sedans, sports cars, SUVs, etc. However, the company also makes high-quality motorcycle tyres. Talking about commercial tyres, of course, the company does make tyres for commercial vehicles as well. In this blog, we will learn if Dunlop tyres are good for your vehicle or if they are what is the reason behind that. Should I install Dunlop tyres on my passenger or commercial vehicle? Of course, yes, it is a premium tyre brand which makes high-quality tyres. Go for Dunlop Tyres Henley On Thames for the best tyres.

Available in a Variety of Sizes, Models And Types

Whether you drive on highways or streets and on difficult terrains such as mud, rocks, snow, etc, Dunlop tyres are perfect. You can choose from a variety of tyre types, models as well as sizes, as a result, you will get the perfect tyre according to your vehicle or road you drive. For example; if you drive regularly as well as go on a road trip with your family, Dunlop touring tyres will be the best choice, it can offer good performance on different terrains.

Goodyear is a Parent Company of Dunlop

Do you know Goodyear is the parent company of Dunlop? Goodyear is 4th largest tyre manufacturer in the world and every Dunlop tyre is made under Goodyear’s research, technology, equipment, innovation, etc.

Good Tyre for Regular Driving

Tyres made by Dunlop are well known for their emphasis on daily performance. Its tyres perform remarkably well in both dry and rainy situations. Dunlop offers a variety of tyres, making it a fantastic option for drivers searching for economical, long-lasting premium tyres.

Bead Seat System

Dunlop tyres are made up of a technology called a bead seat system. This technology improves the connection between the tyre and the rim to provide your car with greater control and an exceptional road feel.

Dunlop Tyre Offers Noise Shield Technology

Dunlop tyre comes with a technology that can reduce interior noise levels by 50%. Their tyres are made up of a layer of high-tech polyurethane foam on the inside of the tyre to lessen internal vehicle noise or vibration without sacrificing performance. You will experience a quiet ride whether you do cornering or apply the sudden brakes and of course braking, handling, and comfort will be not compromised.

Multi-Blade System

Dunlop offers a multi-blade system on the winter tyres, as a result, their winter tyres are capable of offering good performance in harsh winter conditions. You will experience safe riding on dry roads, wet roads, snowy roads, and other winter road conditions.

Tyres Made With Dual Silica Compound And Silica Plus Compound

Yes, Dunlop tyres are made with dual silica compound and silica plus compound. This compound offers many benefits to the tyres, eventually, the car and the driver. First of all; the dual silica compound allows the tyre slow wear as well as good acceleration. Apart from that, tyres made with this technology offer high traction and excellent handling in different seasons. On the other hand, silica plus compounds also offer the same benefits.

Hybrid Overlay Technology

The last technology offered by the manufacturer is hybrid overlay technology. This technology is a must for a car enthusiast who drives high-speed cars. With this technology, the tyre is capable of offering prime high-speed stability and decent wear resistance.

If you combine all 8 benefits, you will get a high-quality and safe ride. However, you need to just choose the right type or size of a Tyres Henley On Thames according to your driving requirements.

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