Steps To Become a Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

How to Become Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

Python programming is vastly used in different fields. Its demand and usability make python certification one of the most popular ones. Students can land a good job by doing python programming. Certified entry-level python programming is a popular python certification. Here we discuss the steps to become a certified entry-level Python programmer.

What is a certified entry-level python programmer, and what is its significance?

PCEP stands for Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer. It is one of the best python certifications for an entry-level programmer. A test competitor ought to exhibit adequate information on the general ideas of PC programming. They need to know the punctuation and semantics of the Python language. They also need to know their abilities in settling common execution challenges with the assistance of the Python Standard Library.

It shows that the individual knows about general PC programming ideas. For example, information types, compartments, capacities, conditions, and circles. It also includes the knowledge of Python programming language linguistic structure and semantics. 

Becoming PCEP certified guarantees that the individual is familiar with the most fundamental means given by Python 3. The certification empowers them to begin their investigations at a middle level and proceed with their expert turn of events.

It is an interval step to the PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming. And the beginning stage to send off a vocation in programming improvement, Python programming, and related advances. Becoming PCEP certified will assist you with standing apart from different applicants and securing your opportunity.

It is a python global certification and has value all over the world.

Steps to become a certified entry-level python programmer

Here we briefly discuss the steps to become a certified entry-level Python programmer. By following these steps properly, one will find no problem getting certified.

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Start programming from scratch: 

Before enrolling in any certification program start learning to program. Take help from the web or any book or educational videos to learn to program. You can also start with theory. Learn how to start programming.

Understand Python basics

Once you start learning the basics of programming, you should start with python. Get a good book on the basics of python programming. Or you can also get started with videos. Learn the basic programs of python. Make the basic array, stack, queue, link list, pattern, and series printing programs. It will give you an overall view of python programming. Once you get familiar with basic python programming, start solving some complex programs. Any python crash course will also help one understand the basics of python programming. 

Learn python libraries

Python has a great collection of libraries to use. All these libraries are useful for different fields. It has libraries for machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development, and more. First, start with the panda and NumPy libraries. These two libraries are two of the most important libraries. They are useful for data handling and data visualization. Learn the other important libraries once you get familiar with pandas and NumPy. One can also enroll in any python programming certification to learn the libraries properly. Some most important libraries to learn are,


This is an open-supply library used for high-level computations. It is likewise utilized in device getting to know and deep gaining knowledge of algorithms. The library contains a wide variety of tensor operations. Researchers also use this Python library to solve mathematical and physics complex computations.


This library is accountable for plotting numerical records. And that’s why it’s far used in facts evaluation. Likewise, it is an open-source library and plots excessive-defined figures like pie charts, histograms, scatterplots, graphs, etc.


The call “SciPy” stands for “Scientific Python.” It is an open-supply library used for excessive-degree clinical computations. It is likewise extensively utilized by software builders and engineers.


Scrappy is an open-supply library used to extract information from websites. It presents very rapid web crawling and high-degree display scraping. Furthermore, another use case for this is for records mining and automation of information.


Scikit-research is an open-source library that supports gadget learning. It helps variously supervised and unsupervised algorithms like linear regression, type, clustering, and so forth. 


This library provides a clean interface to the Standard Directmedia Library (SDL) platform-independent images, audio, and enter libraries. Furthermore, its use for growing video games using pc snapshots and audio libraries along with Python programming language is very popular.


PyTorch is the biggest machine-mastering library that optimizes tensor computations. Furthermore, it has rich APIs to carry out tensor computations with strong GPU acceleration. It additionally enables to remedy of utility troubles associated with neural networks.


The call “PyBrain” stands for Python Based Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks library. It presents fast and smooth-to-use algorithms for gadgets gaining knowledge of responsibilities. It is so bendy and without problems understandable, and that’s why it is certainly helpful for developers who can be new in research fields.

How to Prepare for the PCEP-30-01 exam

Once you become proficient in python programming, it is time to test to become certified in entry-level python programming. Here we give the details of the exam.

  • Name: PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer
  • Exam Code/Exam Version: PCEP-30-01 (Status: Retiring: Dec 31, 2022) | PCEP-30-02 (Status: Active)
  • Exam Level: Entry-level exam
  • Duration: PCEP-30-01: 45 minutes (exam) + approx. 5 minutes (Non-Disclosure Agreement/Tutorial) | PCEP-30-02: 40 minutes (exam) + approx. 5 minutes (Non-Disclosure Agreement/Tutorial)
  • Number of Questions: One will get 30 questions to solve
  • Format: Single-select and multiple-select questions, drag & drop, gap fill, sort 
  • Passing Score: To pass the exam, one needs to score at least 70%
  • Once you pass the exam, you will get your certification in entry-level python programming.


The best certification for python can help one find a good job at present. Python programming is becoming one of the most dominating programming languages. So python programming certification will be the best certification for learning.