How You Should Whiten Teeth and Keep Your Smile Bright

Do you want to smile with confidence with your brighter and whiter teeth? If yes, then it is important to brush and clean them daily so that you can improve your dental health condition. You need to see a good dentist from time to time and know how often you should whiten your teeth. By performing whitening treatment from an experienced dentist, you will be able to remove stain marks and discoorations from the teeth and have brighter teeth. When you are looking to get answers for all questions about teeth whitening treatment, this means you have come at the right place. Go through this blogpost and know how to maintain teeth color and keep them shiny for a long time.

How often you need to teeth whitening

When it is about teeth whitening, you can get rid of stains and discolorations from the treatment. This will enable you to have brighter and whiter teeth. You should whiten teeth at least once to maintain their colour and oral health. It is a good idea to return to your dentist for whitening treatment once in a quarter or in three months.

The dentist will be checking the condition of your teeth and mouth to find out if there are any problems hidden due to whitening effects. Sometimes tooth damage or mouth cavities can be difficult to spot when you perform teeth whitening in London. The dentist might touch up whitening treatment so that you can restore brighter and whiter smile.

How you can make teeth whitening last between dental visits

Three months might be a short timebut a lot can happento your teeth during that period.

If you want to protect your teeth from further damage, there are some practices to follow and continue with the treatment before changing your dentist.

1. Quit the habit of smoking

The addiction of smoking can be dangerous for your oral health. When you smoke, chances are there will be stain marks on the teeth which changes the colour greatly. It damages the health condition of your mouth and teeth as well as your overall appearance. When you smoke daily, it can be the reason for yellowing of teeth that will undo the work of whitening treatment. When you smoke, quitting early can protect your teeth from further damage and prevent further stain marks on them.

2. Do not take foods and drinks that cause stains

Different foods and drinks might be the reason for your teeth discoloration. Though you do not need to avoid these things completely, you can restrict them and drink lots of water while having them. Some of these foods and drinks are:

  • Berries
  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Marinara sauce
  • Some teas

Coffee is actually a major offender which can cause stain marks on your teeth and so, you should try to avoid drinking it.

3. Brush properly after every meal

There are certain times when you eat or drink foods that cause stain to your teeth. You should brush properly as it can prevent damage or stains from eating or drinking and make you feel fresh to resume your daily activities. You canuse brush and floss when not at home but mouthwash works in this case. By brushing teeth, you will be able to protect dental health between seeing a dentist and keeping your smile bright.

4. Take a straw on hand

You should keep reusable straws when outside to prevent damage to your teeth from several drinks. Though you should drink wine by using a straw only, having sugary drinks can protect enamel and avoid artificially coloured liquids from the teeth. There is no need to say no to your favorite drinks but preventing any kind of damage is necessary to keep your teeth in good condition.

5. Touch up at home

When you try to keep teeth whiter and brighter, there are effective ways for quick touch-ups at home by using over-the-counter products between your visits. They might not be really good like the products of dentist but they can help to solve your dental problems. When doing quick fix, the most suitable option is by using a whitening pen. The touch-ups won’t be a fix but prevent any kind of discoloration between the visits.

It is important to know how often you need to whiten teeth in order to maintain them for a long time. You need to visit a dentist once in each quarter and ensure your teeth remain whiter without any kind of damage on them. This way, you can have healthy mouth and strong teeth and stay away from the attack of cavities and decay. You can also visit our site Teeth Whitening London to schedule an appointment for more information on whitening treatments and improve your dental health condition.

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