The Best Power Backup Solutions For PC Gaming In 2022

CyberPower-UT1000E-IN Energy-Saving-Backup-Tower-UPS

Working on a desktop without UPS is risking your machine to power outages. A power outage can happen at any time and cause serious damage to your computer.

A computer requires a power supply to run, and you need to arrange for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep your machine safe from power outages. But there is little to worry about as you have multiple power backup solutions available in the market.

Let’s start the discussion with the prime objective of a UPS

As you know, it stands for uninterrupted power supply; it provides power to a computer to keep functioning in case of disruption of normal electric supply. But it is available for a limited duration such as one hour or more. Depending on your needs, you can buy a UPS for your computer. But you should know that this temporary arrangement is only for shutting down the system instead of continuing the work.

Advantages of a UPS or Power Backup Solutions

Protection Against Power Outages

You need an effective UPS to power your computer so it can remain safe from power outages like one caused during a thunderstorm. Normally the power supply is switched off in bad weather conditions to prevent accidents through electrocution and major faults in the electric supply. When your power supply to the computer switches from mains to UPS due to bad weather conditions, you should turn off your computer to keep it safe. If you don’t have a UPS, you can buy UPS online in India.

A sudden shutdown can cause major mechanical faults in the computer. And you will agree that repairing a computer is more expensive than buying a small UPS that can provide you sufficient time to shut your computer down in case of a power outage.

Protection Against Power Variances

If you live in an area where you often experience power fluctuations, such as a sudden drop in voltage, you should protect your computer with a UPS. As soon as the UPS senses a surge or loss of voltage, it will switch to battery mode and keep your computer functioning for as long as the battery power is available. And instead of shutting your computer down every time your computer power switches to UPS mode, you can wait for some time to receive a normal power supply. Get the best UPS for computers in India that gives you enough power to work across power variations.

Data Safety

You are entering data in a spreadsheet when your computer shuts down abruptly. You get no time to save your data, and it is lost. But bypassing the power supply through UPS can save your data from sudden power cuts. As soon as the power supply of your computer switches to UPS, you can save the data and shut down the computer.

Saving Time

Every time your computer suddenly shuts down the power supply, you have to wait for the power supply to restart and then restart the computer. It will take longer than usual to restart the computer, which can lead to a loss of productive time. If you experience frequent power cuts in a day and you work without UPS, your working time and performance will be reduced considerably, leading to financial losses. Choose the best online UPS in India to increase your output and mileage.


A UPS is power to your computer and confidence to you. It will keep you free from the stress of an abrupt shutdown and loss of productive time and data. You can keep working during power variances knowing that your UPS can support your system for a long time. It will help you in completing your tasks on time and meet deadlines. Buying a UPS is an investment that will yield huge returns in the long run.

Let’s find some quality UPS machines for your needs

CyberPower UT600E-IN Energy-Saving Backup UPS

One of the best power backup solutions on the market, the CyberPower UT600E-IN comes with line-interactive UPS technology that consumes less power, reduces heat generation, and saves energy costs in the long run. Its biggest advantage is its AVR (automatic voltage regulation) technology which stabilizes the AC signal and delivers power at a safe level.

CyberPower BU600E-IN Desktop Backup UPS System

It is the best pick for smaller accessories and network equipment. Available at only Rs. 2,550 for 90W/600VA, the CyberPower BU600E-IN stores ample power to keep the average home network alive for well over 15 minutes which is sufficient time to shut a system down. Also, it is small enough to hide away on your computer table.

CyberPower BU1000E-IN Desktop Backup UPS System

A bigger version of the earlier UPS, CyberPower BU1000E-IN is a 1000 VA powerhouse that you need to support your machines. It will keep your desktop data and printing paper processed smoothly during power outages. If you are looking for the best online UPS in India, then it is a good choice.

CyberPower UT1000E-IN Energy-Saving Backup Tower UPS

Why spend more when you can get enough power at a small price of Rs. 4580 for your computer and associated accessories? It is also a 1000VA powerhouse for business uses. Connect your desktop and other accessories to this UPS and have peace of mind for a long time. It won’t let you face losses.

The best UPS for computers in India can accommodate your present as well as future needs. Also, it should fit into your pocket. It is an investment and if you can take care of it, you can get huge returns on investment.

Keep your UPS in a cool and dry place. There should be at least 2 inches of space on each side of the unit to allow proper airflow to keep it dry. Executing run time calibration also increases the life of UPS. And don’t forget to perform regular maintenance of your UPS.

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