tooth number chart

This can be an indication of your overall health and overall body size, according to this tooth number chart from researchers at Duke University. Here’s what each number means, based on the wisdom teeth numbering system, shown in red in the illustration below.

Each of us has four sets of molars, twelve premolars, and twenty-eight permanent teeth. If a person’s upper jaw grows to the full length, there will be room for four more molars on that side or eight total. We call those extra molars wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth numbers could give important information about the way your body works.

Dentists near me can help with wisdom tooth extraction if they are impacted in any way and need to be removed because of decay or other issues.

The Four Different Types Of Wisdom Teeth

There are four different types of wisdom teeth. These four are impacted, partially erupted, fully erupted and impacted-retained. Impacted means that the tooth is completely enclosed within the jaw bone and cannot be seen with a mirror or x-rays. Partially erupted means that the tooth is visible but not fully above the gumline. Fully erupted means that the tooth has been exposed to light and air; and impacted-retained means that the tooth has not yet started to come through. Dentists near me can help with this process if need be.

What Your Wisdom Teeth Say About You

Did you know that the location of your wisdom teeth can tell dentists near me whether or not they will grow properly? How cool is that! If the bottom two wisdom teeth are in the correct position, they will be able to grow with no problem. However, if the bottom two are too high, they might need to be removed. If these extra teeth aren’t removed and cause problems for the other set of molars, it could lead to extractions. 

How To Take Care Of Your Wisdom Teeth

It’s important to learn the different numbers that represent wisdom teeth and make an appointment with a dentist near me to get them checked out. If they are impacted, then they might need surgery to be removed. A lot of people have their wisdom teeth out but it doesn’t hurt to see a dentist. Find out if they need any work done. Wisdom teeth can be hard to take care of on your own so you may want to take them. Some time off from school or work for a couple of days if they’re bothering you or becoming impacted. Some other things may also need to be taken care of. Of like cavities or gum disease so dentists near me will check for these things as well!


Most people have four wisdom teeth, but there is some variation in how many are present. A person with three or five (as opposed to the standard four) is said to have extra or wisdom teeth. Dentists near me can help determine if a tooth is a wisdom tooth or not.

Dentists near me will often remove wisdom teeth if they are impacted. An impacted tooth is one that is unable to erupt from underneath the gums, and so will never properly come in. Impacted teeth can be painful and may cause headaches or earaches. Even though most people have four wisdom teeth, some people don’t even have them at all! If you only have two of these molars, it’s normal and nothing to worry about.

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