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The Top 10 Free Twitter Aggregators

There is sure stuff you should search for whilst deciding on an unfastened plan. Many of the 0-value Twitter aggregators will slap their branding everywhere in the feed, resulting comprar seguidores twitter in customers traveling your website being harassed with the aid of seeing another agency’s brand.

It would help if you additionally looked out for personalization options and how regularly the feed is up to date. Since you’re looking to handiest hyperlink your Twitter account and suitable hashtags, you’ll most effectively need the aggregator to get admission to one social media platform.

Pay attention if it allows you to upload custom posts on a free plan. You can use the posts to make special announcements or promotions that aren’t on your Twitter feed.

1. Curator

Curator is one of the top loose Twitter aggregators to be had by users online. The features of the free tier are robust and consist of many tools to help get you started in no time. Curator will quickly grasp the content material from your Twitter feed right into a move that you could embed in your internet site as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Unlike other free Twitter aggregators, Curator has very constrained branding for users in their free plan. You have their emblem splashed all over your feed – just a seamless revel for visitors for your website to scroll through. Your business enterprise’s branding could be featured, not someone else’s.

Curator additionally gives three greater ranges which might be paid plans. However, their free tier is a terrific place to begin for those seeking to put a Twitter aggregator on their website online. The functions supplied are considerable for no fee. 


  • Embedded feed
  • Feed updates each day
  • Barely important branding on the free tier
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Three supply accounts

2. Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget is Twitter’s very own aggregator that you can embed into your website. You can directly embed a particular tweet, entire timeline, or Twitter button. You can also use their TweetDeck device, which lets you manage multiple debts, and agenda posts and curate your feed. Comprar seguidores Twitter instantaneamente

While utilizing Twitter’s very personal aggregator may be handy, not having a widget with a purpose to embed into your website doesn’t permit lots of customization as long way as layout and topic move.


  • Minimal customization
  • Manage a couple of bills
  • Schedule posts
  • Updates daily

3. Juicer

In contrast, Juicer’s capabilities are more excellent and restrained, with customers simplest capable of linking two supply money owed instead of three. You can easily upload hashtags to the Juicer aggregator, a top-notch feature if you’re having an event. The free plan will update once daily and pull any tweets that use your unique hashtag into the Twitter feed aggregator on your internet site.


  • Two supply debts
  • One feed
  • Juicer branding
  • Updates daily

4. Walls.Io

Walls.Io can also be effortlessly embedded into your internet site. Customize your wall with critical phrases, particular hashtags, or profiles, deciding which posts you want to see on your website online. melhor site para comprar seguidores twitter

Walls.Io updates extra often than some of the other free alternatives. However, it has constrained customization. On top of no longer being able to upload your logo, your customers will come upon ads with this Twitter aggregator.


  • Updated hourly
  • Only one source consistent with the platform
  • Ads
  • No customization
  • Walls.Io branding

5. Onstipe

Onstipe’s Twitter aggregator is another tool which will integrate your customized Twitter feed into your internet site. Unfortunately, Onstipe doesn’t provide any analytics or reports to show you how your meal appears. Visitors on your website may also need to address pesky commercials and Onstipe branding as correctly.


  • Create up to 2 walls
  • Feed updates every six hours
  • No analytics
  • Ads
  • On stipe branding

6. Taggbox

Taggbox has a free customizable Twitter aggregator that you can upload to your site without any more excellent coding. You can combine it with many one-of-a-kind internet site-building platforms, including WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. The customer service on the free level is minimum, with e-mail getting entry to the handiest available.


  • Include up to 2 feeds
  • Feed updates each six hours
  • Only e-mail help is available at unfastened degree
  • No customization 
  • Taggbox branding

7. Tagembed

The Twitter aggregator of Tagembed is one of their maximum famous merchandise. The widget flawlessly adapts for easy use on mobile devices or a computer. Comprar seguidores Twitter barato

The Tagembed widget is straightforward to embed in your website online to integrate your Twitter feed and different person-generated content material. It is like-minded, with many websites constructing WordPress, Wix, HTML, and Squarespace platforms.


  • Allows most effective one feed
  • Updates as soon as an afternoon
  • Themes to be had
  • Tagembed branding
  • No analytics

8. EmbedSocial

Easily set up EmbedSocial on your website in minutes. Their Twitter aggregator doesn’t require coding talents, so don’t fear being a tech wizard. Just input your Twitter account, and their system will create the feed with all the Twitter posts.  


  • Feed updates as soon as an afternoon
  • No customization
  • Up to a few feeds

9. Social Streams

The Flow-Flow department of Social Streams enables you to have your Twitter feed immediately to your internet site and post directly from there. The easy-to-use plugin works with a WordPress, Shopify, or standalone-built website. With their plugin, you’re capable of having a vast number of streams or social feeds on your website.  


  • Up to 4 social media platform resources
  • Limited customization
  • No analytics 

10. Flockler

Flockler may be up and strolling for your web page in a matter of minutes and works with any digital provider. All you want to get started are the hashtags you want to hook up with and your Twitter debts. Flockler doesn’t have an “unfastened for lifestyles” tier like the other Twitter aggregators. However, they do offer a loose 30-day trial of their preliminary plan. You need a credit score card to join up.


  • Up to two social feeds
  • Unlimited quantity of partitions and carousels
  • Automatically update the feed with any public mentions or tweets.

5 types of Twitter content for your WordPress internet site

Adding a Twitter feed to your WordPress website is straightforward—mainly if you use an effective social media integration device. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Create a new feed and setup your approval choices

Login to your Curator account and choose the “Organize” menu. Choose an applicable name on your new Twitter feed. 

After naming the feed, the next step is to select your approval choices. Curator gives two approval alternatives:

Approved: Choosing this option will add all relevant Twitter posts to your website robotically. You can go into your account later to delete any posts you do not need to exhibit on the website online.

Needs approval: With this feature, the aggregator will no longer put up any Tweets for your internet site till you login to your curator account and approve the posts.

On paper, the primary option sounds handier. However, if you’re showcasing person-generated content on the internet site, you have to be on your ft to ensure that each published post doesn’t destroy any guidelines. Thus, it is frequently better to make posts go in an approved manner.

It’s higher to publish posts a few hours when they were made than to spend money and time on firefighting after a complicated submission or negative overview is published automatically on your website.

Step 2: Select the put-up supply

This part is wherein you select where the content material will come from. In the primary window, you’ll choose Twitter from a listing of social media platforms. Next, pick the source of your Twitter content material. 

The content alternatives on Twitter encompass the following:

  • Timeline
  • Hashtag
  • Geolocation
  • User
  • User points out

Your choices have to impact your selection in the “Approval” tab. If you only select posts from your Timeline, the most effective Tweets and Retweets from your official web page will appear on your website. As you include different content options like Hashtags or User Mentions, staying on top of things in the content material you show will become imperative.

Step 3: Curate your posts

If you select to approve posts, you will want to undergo the dashboard and pick seats to put up. Alternatively, you can set posts to support routinely. Setting computerized approvals calls for the usage of the dashboard to do away with posts you do not need to expose. Comprar seguidores Twitter 2022

Step 4: Customize your Twitter feed

This part of the setup procedure units other than less-bendy feed integration alternatives. The platform lets you decide your feed’s look by tweaking the template and layout.

Popular alternatives include:

Panel: The panel is an available column of posts with numerous rows. It’s the right preference to display a feed for your internet site sidebar.

Carousel: This choice will display Twitter posts and navigation arrows to transport back and forth. Site traffic can enjoy the posts as they flow routinely or bring returned particular posts with hands.

Grid: This option presents the content of the feed. However, it won’t show any captions until the user hovers over the photo to look at the caption.

Waterfall: This style offers you a cascading listing of posts with more than one column and rows.

Apart from the template and layout, it permits you to customize your borders, colours, backgrounds, and extra. The flexibility guarantees your Twitter feed will no longer stick out like a sore thumb on your website. You can finish the customization in more than one move. You can do the basics, after which you tweak the style through the years.

Step 5: Copy and paste the HTML code 

setup, and click on “Publish” to duplicate the generated code to stick to your internet site. Popular places to show the feed encompass the lowest of the home web page and the blog sidebar. 

You also can create a committed information page for the feed or install special dinners for distinct website sections. It also has a WordPress plugin that permits you to post the curated feed on any page by way of definitely coming into a short code on the page.

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