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The number of four-wheelers is increasing significantly on the roads. But what many car owners are not aware of is the fact that the improper replacement of windshields has caused plenty of deaths the world over. Many are even crippled for life! This is a serious issue that should be given some thought. Perhaps, someone you knew or know was probably a victim!


People have become victims of such issues just because of their sheer negligence or simply trying to save some money. It is also stated to be the uncaring or lazy nature of untrained glass technicians. Hence, if the need for replacing your car’s windshield arises, you need to ensure having adequate information. Only then should contact the reputed technician to perform a windshield replacement on the golf course road.

Mandatory by law

Prevailing motor vehicle-related laws require all car owners to ensure that their vehicle is well maintained and road worthy. Otherwise, it is not just permitted to run on the roads, not even in small lanes. Windshields along with other glasses fitted in the vehicle are a necessity by law. The objective is to protect everyone inside in numerous ways.

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Examples of windshield-related accidents

  • Improperly fitted or cheap-quality windshields can prove to be fatal to those using the vehicle. The good quality glass used for the windshield is strong enough to support the roof structure. Thus in case of any rollover accident, the roof will not just cave in as the strong glass will keep the former in its place. This way, the driver and passengers will not get crushed under roof weight.
  • Again in issues involving head-on crashes, a strong windshield tends to stay in its intended place. This way, everyone will be kept within the vehicle and not get thrown outside. Improperly installed windshields are found to dislodge easily during a crash. This is really dangerous as your family’s safety is compromised! It is, for this reason, you need a good quality product.
  • The next factor to consider is the airbags that are designed to protect the passenger and driver in case of terrible crashes. During any crash, the airbag explodes from its container. It bounces off the glass at about 300 miles/hour! An improperly sealed windshield might simply mean, the airbag could simply blow you and your fellow passenger out of the vehicle, thus causing catastrophic injury.

Get proper guidance

Owning a car is sure to make you a proud person as it improves your social standing, comfort, and convenience. But to save some during its maintenance, you should not use cheap quality materials and accessories. Your family is the most precious thing on Earth and it is your duty to protect them. Hence, do not compromise quality over car front glass price.

Tips to survive a disastrous car accident

  • The technician you plan to hire should be well-trained and have valid certification to do the repair/replacement job. Remember, an amateur will not be able to do the job with perfection as they will not have the right tools, resources, or expertise. Fitting the car’s windshield is not like fitting any ordinary window mirror. It requires great precision and skills.
  • The professional should guide you to install only government-certified, top-quality windshield that fits perfectly your vehicle’s model. They should have a great reputation for providing impeccable and affordable repair and replacement services. Some may offer the choice of visiting their client’s place to undertake the task at extra charges, but without compromising the quality of services rendered.
  • The technician should be skilled enough to avoid scratching your car’s metal framework, especially when cutting old glass. In case it gets accidentally scratched, then to prevent the occurrence of rust, this area should be primed properly. Otherwise, rust is likely to break even a good seal. Before installation, the glass is to be cleaned and primed. Rubber gloves should be used to avoid passing on oil onto the glass.
  • Immediately after installation, your car should not be used for a certain amount of time. Based on humidity, temperature, and time factors, urethane manufacturer guidelines should be adhered to. It is termed as ‘safe drive away time’. Driving the vehicle before this stipulated period will only mean compromising the seal. There are high chances of experiencing water or air leaks. Even a faulty seal might cause safety risks.

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Keep protected your family

Using a quality windshield will ensure your family and fellow passengers stay protected all the time when driving your vehicle. Always choose OEM products available and get them installed only by experienced professionals.

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