Top 5 Makeup Trends for in 2022 Weddings suggested by Professional makeup artist in Delhi

Every year, we fascinated and charmed by something new. With the passage of time, makeup trends and styles keep changing in the bridal industry. From simple traditional Indian looks to bold westernized ones, there is so much beauty that is shown on big days like wedding day. The industry has witnessed many trends, be it bright colors or neutral shades. As a bride, you are already going to feel way too much pressure to look your absolute best on your big day. With this guide suggested by the most Professional makeup artist in Delhi, you will be able to make things easier on yourself by knowing what the top 5 makeup trends of 2022.

Top Makeup Trends for Brides

There are certain makeup trends that are loved by brides today and will be still admired in coming years. Here’s a list of top 5 makeup trends of you can expect to see and try for your upcoming wedding.

  • Glitter Lids (Glitter Eyelids)

Add a bit of glitter and glam to your wedding makeup with glitter lids. Adding glitter lids is the perfect option for brides who wish to have a subtle shimmer on their eyes. The tricky part about this trend is using the right amount of glitter. If you are wearing heavy jewellery and a bright coloured lehenga, then skip the glitter. However, if you are going for a minimal look, then glitter lids would be a great idea!

  • Bold Lip Colour and Bare Eyes

If you want to go bold on your lips, ask your top makeup artist in Rishikesh skip the eye makeup and let your lips do all the talking. This look is best suited for brides who wish to go for bold lip colours like red or maroon. For brides who have large eyes and thick eyelashes, wearing just kajal would be enough. But if you have small eyes, then wear some mascara on your lashes as well.

  • Smokey Eyes

Eyes are always important in makeup and they’re going to get even more attention this year! Smokey eyes are definitely one of the hottest makeup trends for weddings right now. Not only do they make your eyes pop, but they also look great in photos. Plus, there’s so many different looks you can go for depending on how dramatic you want to go: from dark smoldering shades to soft pastels, there’s a smokey eye for every occasion!

  • Natural Makeup

When it comes to wedding looks, less can definitely be more. Sometimes, the most stunning brides are the ones who have a fresh-faced glow! Natural makeup gives off a youthful vibe and can make your eyes pop with just a little bit of mascara or eyeliner. Natural makeup will also help ensure that your makeup looks like you in ten years from now when looking at pictures from your big day!

  • Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner has been dominating the trend since the year 2000, with many celebrities rocking this style every now and then. This look is also very simple to achieve; all you need is an eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. You can do this by drawing a line across your eye lid from inner corner to outer corner and then adding another line going upwards at the outer corner of your eye lid, then blending everything together with an eye shadow brush or cotton swab until you achieve your desired look.

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