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Take a 7 Day Trial of a Toll-Free Number and Buy It After Learning Its Benefits

The toll-free number is a multi-faceted solution that helps improve business communication and attract and retain more clients. So, more and more businesses want to buy toll-free numbers. The toll-free contact number, as the name suggests, is a free number for the callers, and they need not pay any call operator charges for the calls made to a business. It provides high satisfaction, and the callers can inquire about new products or get their grievances addressed, if any, without paying anything to the company. It also helps build brand recall value.

Unlike conventional contact numbers, these numbers are available in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG. They are easy to memorize and become part of the company’s brand image. Did you know that you can get a free trial of the software solution? Then, after being satisfied that the product truly meets your business requirements, can you buy the software from a reputed toll-free number provider in India.

Let’s learn about the benefits first, and then you can know how to get this software after a 7-day trial at an attractive price.


More Leads & Brand Value

The software helps in attracting more leads because of the zero cost involved. With more incoming leads, the business can tap the opportunity for higher lead conversion and fetch a large pool of customers. In addition to attracting more customers, companies can also engage them effortlessly by using the same contact number across multitouch point campaigns. As these numbers are easy to recall, a company can build a strong recall value by using them across different campaigns. Customers, too, find business reliable with a toll-free contact number.

Better CX

The IVR goes a long way in building brand loyalty by providing excellent customer support. IVR integration makes it easier for the business to get better customer engagement. The IVR offers a series of menus and submenus to the callers from which they can choose the desired option and get instant answers to their questions.

Tap Foreign Markets

The software also helps in generating business in foreign markets by getting premium toll-free contact numbers. It enables customers to call them for free and attracts more leads. Moreover, by collecting feedback via surveys and polls, a business can gain insight into the customers’ minds and know what they are looking for. The call recording feature also helps to understand the customers’ expectations, and a business can also learn about the agent’s performance. They can provide proper training to ensure they have the necessary skills to offer enhanced customer support.

How Can You Buy The Toll-Free Number?

If you are looking for the best toll-free number provider in India , then you need not look beyond Knowlarity-one of the leading toll-free contact number providers in the country at a budget-friendly price.

The company is a top choice for cloud communication products and has served over 6000 organizations in 65+ countries. The company has an impressive range of cloud communication products, including a toll-free contact number. So, if you want to get a toll-free number, it would be highly advisable to rely on an excellent toll-free number service provider such as Knowlarity.

Knowlarity is helmed by people with core expertise in cloud technology who are determined to change the face of Indian businesses with its wide range of cloud-based communication products. Leverage the flexibility, capability, and efficiency the software provides and buy a toll-free number to witness a remarkable change in client communication.


As mentioned above, the toll-free business number has several benefits, and you can get a 7-day free trial of the software from the best toll-free number provider in India and then buy the solution. Well, Knowlarity enables businesses- SMEs, large-scale companies, and even start-ups- to explore the product, understand its various features, and let them know how they can benefit them. Grab this opportunity and try a feature-packed software solution that is easy to integrate and is available for use within a few minutes of installation. For more information on the trial of the toll-free number and to buy a toll-free number.

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