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Understanding the Role & Importance of Credit Scores for Availing of a Loan

Consumers, business ventures and purchasers alike are massively dependent on credit in current times. The whole system of credit availability and time period of acceptance of the offer is based on your credit score. Holding a good credit score is a must for credit availability and for buying bespoke and exclusive things. However, the importance of a credit profile is not restricted to just those seeking credit. Let’s understand what the different concepts are linked with credit score and the advantages of having a strong credit score. 

Credit – definition

Credit is the practice of availing or borrowing funds, may it for buying a commodity or product or in the form of a loan with the assurance of repaying the same within the stipulated time. Failure to do this adds to the overdue sum a specific interest amount. Defaulting on a periodic basis on debts and overdue bills results in a low score. A low score impacts your buying power for future credits and loan availability. 

What’s the definition of credit score?

You may be one of those with the question of how to check my credit score . Note that before knowing about the feasible platforms for CIBIL score checks, you must understand what’s the credit score. A credit score is nothing but a statistical method to ensure your likelihood of repaying the money owed to you. There are, in total, 4 credit bureaus responsible for evaluating your personal report as well as sending you the credit score. Every organization has distinct assessment systems, and the computation is dependent on a wide range of parameters. 

There are 4 important credit bureaus in India that assess your credit profile. These credit bureaus include CIBIL, Experian, CRIF Highmark and Equifax. CIBIL, or Credit Information Bureau Limited, India, is one of the first credit bureaus in India, established in 2000. However, it must be noted that as the assessment process is distinct for all 4 organizations, credit scores from every bureau for the same person may vary even while they are based on the same info. 

What’s the role of credit score?

Whenever you place an application for credit, your credit score perhaps is the first factor that is evaluated by the issuer. The process more a less is the same when you place as when you apply for a credit card, loan, or any other loan. Note that your minimum CIBIL score for a home loan , personal loan, loan against property and various other credit options are aggressively checked by the lender before approving your application for credit. In case your credit score is low, the lender may either turn down your application or approve the application at a higher interest rate. 

Credit reports, as well as the score on them, are the basis that permits a lender to assess your reliability for repaying your debt on time. The major importance of credit score is it is used for your risk evaluation. You must ameliorate your credit score in case it is low. Because of this, you will not be shunned outright if you fail to meet the high standards. However, the credit you qualify for will be laced with an extremely high rate of interest than someone with a better score. Thus, the lower your credit score, the higher will be your interest rate, which will ultimately lead to a higher monthly payout. Additionally, financial institutions and banks might even use other internal scoring mediums to establish your credibility.

What is the benefit of having a good credit score?

The importance of having a good credit score is crucial as a good score allows you to be eligible for the loan option of your choice and preference at your terms and conditions. Your dream business venture, destination wedding, or requirement for additional educational expenses may crop up, which you can easily deal with through loans. Having a strong score will assist you in getting the grants with zero hassles, as lenders may look at you as an individual with lower risk. Most importantly, you may be offered a lower interest rate on the debt if your credit score is higher. Thus, ensure to take the required steps to ameliorate your credit score to get the personal loan of your choice at a lower rate of interest and processing charges. 

Credit score – What are the crucial components you must note?

To ameliorate or maintain a strong credit score, it is essential to know the different components involved in a credit score. It is just when you are aware of the potential regions of improvement that you can effectively work on them, devise a plan, and attain a higher credit score. Listed below are the crucial factors involved in forming a good credit score – 

∙       Frequency of new credit applications. 

∙       Your credit payment history

∙       Your current debts

∙       Your credit mix between secured and unsecured credit options

∙       Duration of time for building your credit history

How can you ameliorate your credit score?

Listed here are some of the crucial ways of ameliorating your credit profile and score – 

∙       Ensure to repay your debt or loan on time by the due date. 

∙       Avoid applying for multiple credit options in a short time span.

∙       Maintain a balanced mix of credit, i.e., a balanced mix between secured and unsecured credit options. 

∙       Do not unnecessarily spend your credit card limit on items you do not require. In simpler terms, avoid overspending as this may make you miss out on your credit card repayment, which may further make you incur finance charges and late payment fees on the missed due amount. 

∙       Periodically check your credit report to understand where you stand and ensure to take the required steps to improve your credibility or creditworthiness. Keeping a check on your credit report also allows you to instantly detect any discrepancy or mistake on your credit report and instantly report them for an improved credit score and better chances of getting loan or credit card approvals. 

So, note that your credit score is a fragile asset, and your credit report holds good value only if you are a disciplined user of credit. Also, ensure not to close your older credit cards as this may shorten the length of your credit history. A shorter credit history length may lower your chances of getting credit approval.

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