Beautiful Floor Rugs

Never underestimate the beauty of a carpet in a living room. The floor carpet is quite important for living room decoration. Floor rugs in living rooms usually take up most of the floor space and make a bold statement. For some upstairs rug ideas for living rooms, keep reading.

The ideal living room rug can lend a pattern to a neutral color scheme, soften sharp edges in a contemporary area, and unify all of your accent colors. Therefore, it can include key design elements to add a unique touch to your space.

Whether your living room needs an update or you’re starting from scratch and looking for inspiration, we have a variety of beautiful large living room rugs idea for you to choose from.

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What’s the Ideal Placement of Floor Rug in a Living Room?

A floor rug in a living room should ideally be placed in the center of the space. You should be able to see the same amount of floor on each edge. Make sure your floor rug is positioned so that it partially covers any high-traffic areas or walkways and that it is covering any furniture that will be partially on top of it.

The Best Floor Rug Designs for Living Rooms

Covering The Living Room’s Entire Floor

Rugs are perfect for covering up unsightly vinyl floors or a variety of blemishes. Although, spend money on a floor rug that covers your entire space.

So you can focus on creating a wonderful modern-rustic atmosphere in your living room without worrying about anyone finding out what hideous flooring lies beneath.

A Worn-Out Floor Rug

The trend of wearing floor rugs is not only stylish but also sensible. Subtle colors used in designing will not overwhelm your room. However, you can choose a floor rug that stands out for its delicate black, gray, and white color pattern.

Their real strength, though, is how easy it is to work them into any design aesthetic.

Align The Designs Of The Dining Room And Living Room.

Dining and living spaces merge seamlessly into open floor plans to create a comfortable environment. Connecting two rooms with open floor plans can be difficult while maintaining the individuality of each room.

The right floor rug for the dining room can give your space a unified yet unique look. Color is the easiest way to connect your two rooms. Choose cheap rugs online with completely different designs or ones that are all the same color.

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Add Coastal Ambiance

Covered in a traditional design with a creamy ivory background complemented by peaceful, subdued tones, the rug unifies the space.

A rug placed halfway down the sofa shows a striking pattern and gives the living room character. The hardwood floor in the space contrasts wonderfully with the multi-textured surface.

Use A Patterned Rug To Complement A Neutral Color Scheme.

If you prefer neutral decor, then floor rugs are a great way to add a little pattern to the living space. While it won’t create a focal point like wallpaper or a feature wall painted in vibrant color, it will add interest to a space with simple furnishings.

This dramatic rug transforms a formal living room into a single color or set of stripes, giving it a more contemporary look and adding some pattern to a large floor space.


Along with these, there are many other ways to make your living room more beautiful than before. The good thing is, you can get floor rugs without spending too much on them. All you need to do is use At Home Coupon Codes from RedemOnLiving for big savings. Happy shopping with these amazing guides to giving your old home a makeover.

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