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Each vehicle comes with the tyre size manufacturer-recommended when it leaves the manufacturing facility. Drivers can, in any event, select the size that best meets their needs from a wide range of options. According to the width of the cross-segment, low-profile tyres have a moderately low side range from edge to street.

Some people adjust the tyre profile width for aesthetic reasons, while others want to improve driving comfort. In both of these areas, low-profile tyres can be beneficial. To avoid problems, it’s critical to complete your work and get a professional to determine and install your new tyres.

Low Profile tyres work on the comfort of your vehicle. They will quite often give more execution than other Cheap Tyres Birmingham . These arrangements of tyres are more costly than the ordinary ones. Furthermore, a glance at the tyres makes sense of everything. The cool haggle which looks bigger than the traditional ones has its advantages and disadvantages.


Low-profile tyres are most regularly used on sports vehicles to work on a vehicle’s execution and generally speaking looks. Whether you ought to get low-profile tyres relies upon what is more critical to you – a smooth ride and more reasonable use or better execution and a cooler look. In any case, you ought to get ready to update your suspension, introduce bigger edges and brakes and work out the right sizes. You may likewise have to purchase new tyres on a more regular basis to keep an elevated degree of responsiveness and execution.


  • The most promptly apparent benefit of low-profile tires is that they look better.
  • Low profile sometimes necessitates wider edges and wider tyres, which can help with slowing down and cornering on dry surfaces.
  • Low sidewalls additionally increment the inflexibility of a tyre, which is particularly significant while cornering at high rates, particularly on smooth surfaces.
  • Low-profile tires give a better grasp, and accordingly better handling and predictability.
  • Side influence is much less visible.


  • Low-profile tyres have several drawbacks, one of which is less driving comfort.
  • Because of the lower sidewalls and extended unbending nature, each lack of balance in the roadway is more noticeable than on tyres with a more prominent lopsidedness. Increased track solidity also means a smaller contact fix on uneven surfaces, which could hinder grab.
  • In most cases, a low profile also means more width. As a result, there may be further uproar.
  • Low-profile tyres in vehicles that have not been properly set for stronger wheels by the manufacturer may cause suspension wear.
  • Furthermore, increasing the wheel width by 5 mm requires you to straighten the headlights.

In low-profile tyres, what pressure should be used?

Pressure is especially crucial in the case of low-profile tyres. Underinflation can cause overheating and permanent damage to the tyre, while over-inflation can cause discomfort. As a result, the recommended pressure settings must always follow. Some manufacturers advocate somewhat higher pressure for the low profile version (typically by 0.2 bar), however, this is not a requirement. The requirement for increased pressure arises from the fact that a smaller volume of air must bear the same load.

Do low-profile tyres have a faster wear rate?

According to its load-bearing and speed indexes for a given size, each tyre must offer use and durability. One can accomplish this by strengthening the tread and beading. Low profile tyres should theoretically last the same amount of time as regular tyres if used correctly. It is, however, more vulnerable to all types of damage when driven at low pressures and with heavy loads. High-speed driving over curbs or other obstructions, as well as impacting curbs with your sidewall, may hasten the process. Another element that accelerates the wear of low profile tyres is the driving style and nature of the vehicles in which they are set.

Low-profile tyres’ effect on suspension

All suspension elements enable optimal functionality and durability if a car has low profile tyres set as factory equipment. When the steering and suspension are not according to accommodate larger rims and less cushioning tyres, problems may arise.

Low profile tyres may accelerate suspension breakdown in such instances. When you choose low profile tyres, you run the danger of ruining your aluminium rims. If you drive over a pothole in the road, the rim protection will not save you.

What should you look for while making a purchase?

You should concentrate on the speed list while obtaining. This could be faster than the highest speed recorded in the vehicle enrollment database, but it could also be slower due to winter tyres. Furthermore, you must ensure that there is sufficient spacing between the bumpers and the tyres. According to the European tyre and edge master organization, you should also pay attention to vehicle speed and load determinations, as well as the moving periphery or edge width. The tyre pneumatic stress should examine regularly because if the pressure is too great, it can cause components to break down, and if the pressure is too low, it can cause overheating.


With locations around the United Kingdom, BR Car Care Centre can assist you in preparing for your next road trip by ensuring your vehicle is in good working order. We can assist you with new tyres, wheel alignments, and other preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Goodyear tyres, Maxxis tyres, Continental tyres, Hankook tyres, Pirelli tyres, Michelin tyres, and Dunlop Tyres Birmingham are just a few of the brands we carry.

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