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The MOT, also known as a Ministry of Transport test, is an important part to help ensure that the automobiles in the UK have a certain level of roadworthiness. Moreover, MOT was first seen back in the 1960 and is now a core element of running as well as maintaining a motorcar car in the UK.

What exactly is an MOT test?

The MOT test is an annual maintenance check-up of the automobile. It is important once in a year after the car is above 3 years of age. An authorised MOT test centre will provide the necessary procedure as well as focus on different prime areas of an automobile. Some of them include the brakes, lights as well as front wipers. Moreover, the centre also performs a thorough emissions test to make certain that the motorcar meets all the set on-road standards. 

Are there some parts of an automobile that the MOT does not check?

Though the MOT Maldon facility will check some of the many parts of the car, there are a few parts of the automobile that aren’t in the checks. The MOT tester will not check the automobile’s engine, gearbox as well as the clutch assembly. However, they still have to be in the best working condition. 

Things to review before going for the MOT

How much will an automobile MOT cost the owner?

Though many motorcar owners may have likely seen MOT garages display ‘special offer’ discounts on the MOT. Moreover, the truth is that the max they can set as per the law is about £54.85. 

If the motorcar fails the MOTs, then they will be able to book it again for a partial MOT Maldon retest at the exact same test centre. This may come at a low price or sometimes even for free. Also, the car needs to obtain the MOT re-test within the next 10 working days to fall under this criterion.

How long can an MOT test last?

Though the MOT motorcar test can generally take about 40 minutes to a max of an hour. However, if the car requires any extra work, then the MOT test may take much longer. We generally suggest car owners prepare them without the car for about 4 hours.

What will happens if the motorcar passes?

When the motorcar passes the annual MOT test, it will acquire a pass certificate by the test facility. Also, the result will be in the national central database. Some pass cars will even obtain minor as well as advisory issues which have to seen by a technician in the future. Motorcar owners can then take their ride away. 

But what if the motorcar fails the MOT, will the car owners not be able to drive it?

If the motorcar fails the MOT or the old certificate expires, then the garage will not let the car owners drive away. Nevertheless, if the motorcar’s certificate is still useful, then the car owners can take the car away. Also, it need not have any dangerous flaws in it.

In this situation, the car owners can’t leave the MOT test centre. By doing this, they can be liable to obtain a fine of about £2,500 if seen. Also, there can be 3 penalty points on a licence as well as even a road driving ban.

The motorcar owners need to have all such issues removed plus have the motorcar re-tested. If the car pass, then the holders can drive it away.

Can’t a motorcar owner just drive the car without the MOT?

Definitely not. If seen, the car owner will obtain a penalty notice of about £100. 

Is any motorcar exempt from obtaining an MOT test?

There are a few motorcars that do not need to obtain an MOT in order to legally drive on roads. These are goods automobiles that use electricity as well as were been registered before March 1, 2015. 

Common check before running for the car MOT?

Brake lights: Check the rear, and front plus the indicators of the car.

Tyres: Check all the automobile tyres as well as ensure they maintain a min legal tread of 1.6mm. 

Handbrake: Inspect the motrocar handbrake pressure. If the car’s handbrake slides up or down with issues, then there can be an internal problem.

Seats along with seatbelts: Check all the seatbelts to guarantee they buckle up as well as reach their full length. 

Other important checks

Wheel alignment


Wheel balancing 

Engine oil check

Body check

Contact a ar Service Maldon test centre to know more about the test.

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