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What is the remedy for Mangal Dosha in Janam Kundli?

According to Indian Astrology: Mangal Dosha in Janam Kundli the planet Mars is located in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house of the love horoscope, and then there is Mangalik Dosha. If Mars is placed with a malefic planet in these five houses, then it gives more adverse results. Considering this dosha at the time of marriage has now become an important ritual in our country. There is a general fear of this dosha in the minds of people. But fear is not a solution that can always be used for Manglik Dosh Remedies. 

These remedies will make your love life happy and peaceful.

This Dosha causes problems in the native’s marriage and life. This dosha is believed to separate a married couple and also cause tension and problems in their relationship. The Kundali of a Mangalika person is highly ruled by the planet Mars, as a result, the person becomes bold, bold, independent, etc. However, these qualities should not be consider bad. According to astrology, only the other person who will have the above-mentioned qualities will deal with the Manglik.

Astrological facts about Manglik Dosha?

  • A Mangalik should take only Mangalik as it cancels the malefic effects of this dosha. It is believe that if a Mangalik marries a Nemangalik, it creates problems and conflicts in their relationship and this ends their marriage.
  • A Mangalik should marry only after attaining the age of 28 years. Astrology predicts that to reduce the adverse effects of this dosha. A Mangalic boy or girl should get marry only after reaching the age of 28 years.
  • Indian astrologers believe in the fact that Mangalik’s first love marriage will only cause tension and problems to his/her partner, they even say that their first marriage can endanger their partner’s life. But the native’s 2nd marriage will not have any such problems and will be happy and blissful.

Effective Remedies for Mangal Dosha?

These are the Mangalik Dosha Remedies after marriage that you can opt for. These remedies are sure to make your love life happy and successful:

  • If the planet Mars is place in the 8th house in the native’s horoscope, he should pour Revadi and sugar into the running water.
  • The health of the native’s mother-in-law, grandmother, and mother may be seriously affect. If the planet Mars is place in the 4th horoscope of the person. This yoga can also create obstacles for all those couples who want to have children. These things can be avoid by worshipping Lord Hanuman every Tuesday.

A person with mangal dosha in kundli should regularly offer jaggery and gram to monkeys. Plants or trees with red flowers can also be place in the home and should be kindly care for.

  • A person who has mangal dosha in his kundli is often afraid of fire. And this fear can be overcome by leaving some sugar scatter on the terrace.
  • If a Mangalik is marry to a non-Mangalik, the effects of this dosha can be nullified if you keep Ma Mangla Gauri Vrat.
  • A person affected by Mangal Dosha should take care of his younger siblings.
  • According to Shastra, if a person is facing problems in his marriage due to Mangalik Dosha in Kundali, then such a person should give Teeka of Sindhoor from the idol of Lord Hanuman.
  • A person with mangal dosha should avoid certain things like not wearing red coloured clothes, controlling his anger, being optimistic in all situations, and chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly.
  • A person who is facing problems in the marriage should chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra ‘Om Triyambakam Yaja Mahe Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam Urva Rukmaya Vandanat Mrityo Mokshiya Maam Mritam’.
  • To nullify the effect of Mangal Dosha, the native should regularly offer milk and Gangajal to the Peepal tree.
  • By worshipping Lord Vishnu, the harmful effects of this dosha can be control.
  • People who want to get rid of this dosha should bury an earthen vessel filled with honey in the cremation ground.

A happy married life is very important for leading an overall happy life. If you have Manglik dosha in your kundli, you can contact our best marriage astrologer to know more about this yoga and its remedies. The above remedies will help you to remove the harmful effects of this yoga but consult an astrologer online for complete certainty.

Mangal Dosha, if present in your birth chart, can cause difficulties and obstacles, especially in your married life. It is one of the most feared astrological combinations in Hindu culture. However, there are many astrological remedies that can nullify or even reduce the effects of Mangal Dosha.

Fast on Tuesday

Observe the fast on Tuesday to nullify the effects of Mangal. Eat only Toor Dal (Split-Pigeon Dal) on this day to make this fast more effective.

Marry another Manglik

One Manglik should marry another Manglik to neutralize all the negative effects of mangal dosha.

Chant the Navagraha mantra

Manglik should chant Navagraha Mantra or Mangal Mantra with devotion every Tuesday. Daily recital of Hanuman Chalisa or chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day is also consider an effective remedy for Mangal Dosha.

Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah is a ritual that is perform when one person is a Manglik in a marriage. According to this custom, a Manglik individual is first made to marry a cuckoo tree or a banana tree or a silver/gold idol of Lord Vishnu. It is an effective remedy to negate the adverse effects of Mangal Dosha.

Wear a red coral ring

The brilliant red Coral gemstone is astrologically associate with the planet Mars. Wearing this gemstone can reduce the negative effects of Mangala. But do not forget to verify the authenticity of the gemstone before wearing it.

Make offers

There are certain things you can offer or donate to please Mars. Offering things like food cooked with red lentils, swords, red corals, knives, or red silk on Tuesdays is an effective remedy for Mangal Dosha.

Perform puja at Navagraha or Hanuman temple

Visit any Navagraha temple dedicated to Lord Mangala and perform pooja every Tuesday. 

However, there are quite a few Navagraha temples in India. You can also visit Lord Hanuman Temple and worship him every Tuesday. Offer your prayers along with vermilion and sweets and also light a ghee lamp.


  • The position of the planet Mars in your birth chart determines whether you have a low mangal dosha or a major mangal dosha. If Mars is place in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 12th house then the native has low mangal dosha where the negative effect is mild. Whereas, if mars is placed in the 7th or 8th house then you have more mangal dosha in your Kundli.
  • If you have Low Mangal Dosha then you should follow these remedies.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily
  • Place a mangal yantra in your home. Pray to him daily to please Lord Mangala.
  • Feed the birds daily.
  • Offer jaggery (Gud) and red flowers to Lord Ganesha to get his blessings which can help you get rid of all Mangal Dosha-related problems.
  • Recite ‘Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’ 108 times. For maximum effect, do this in the early morning hours.
  • Observe the fast on Tuesday.
  • Recite Mangal Chandika Shloka in front of Goddess Durga. Top Business Post
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