What To Know About the Gushers Strain?

Gushers Strain

The Gushers strain got its name from the gummy fruit edibles known as Fruit Gushers. It is quite a favorite among terpene enthusiasts who love it for its delicious taste.

What is it Like?

They got discontinued in 2018. The berry-flavored and Indica-dominant strain is gaining wide acceptance among vape enthusiasts with a sweet tooth.

What are the Effects of Gushers Strain?

People looking for a strain to make their leisure time more pleasurable are going to do well by choosing this. Despite having medicinal properties; the strain is most widely known for its ability to lose people. The physiological and psychological effects it has been more on relaxation and calmness. The tingly sensation of being mildly uplifted is amazing, to say the least. Users talk about the rush it creates in the beginning, only to be replace by a sense of relaxation in all body parts.

There is a sense of pervading tranquility without feeling drowsy or a need to sleep. The body high you get will be perfect for a movie night at home with friends for company. Spend time chilling yourself or with others and also get relief from stress. It is undoubtedly a strain you will love having in your arsenal for relaxation purposes.

What do Gushers Taste Like?

Most importantly, you will get the taste of berries and fruit. Other than that, there is a strong scent of nature at play along with flowery blooms. When you buy terpenes online, the potency varies depending on where you buy from. If you choose a reputed seller for your Gushers terpene, you will be able to enjoy medium potency because of the stringent quality control that was used.

The cerebral head high and complete body relaxation make it a top-shelf product and certainly a good choice for times when you want to make it special.

The Indica-dominant hybrid Gushers strain is available with many retailers. Buying in terpene form will make your vape experience all the more pleasurable because of its easy application. Buy terpenes online and choose from a variety of products that suit your palate. If you like your desserts, this is one terp you must try.


What is Gushers strain good for?

According to Rare Terpenes: Effects of the Gushers hybrid strain, reviewers said it was great for relieving anxiety and depression because it helped calm their racing thoughts. Others have used Gushers to relax their muscles and allow their minds to wander freely on lazy days.

What does Gushers strain smell like?

Gushers are named because of their sweet aroma and flavor. Every puff has a delicious candy flavor, followed by a mix of sour tropical fruits and creamy cookies. Its aroma follows a similar path but with a slightly herbal overtone and spicy grapes.

How long does it take for Gushers to flower?

In addition, it blooms after 60 to 70 days. Gushers is a moderately complex plant, making it suitable for novice and experienced growers. It is grown indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse. It blooms after 60 to 70 days.

What strain are white Gushers?

However, you feel the same level of happiness is frequently experienced after using White Gushers, also known as Gushers. The California Cookies Fam Genetics team bred this strain, which is slightly Indica-dominant. Then, they crossed Gelato #41 with Triangle Kush to create a strain worth experimenting with.