With the FWD system, the front wheel works much harder than the rear wheels. Pick high-quality by going to the best Car Tyres Shrewsbury.

New Tyre Installing Guide

As you read about the tyre buying guide, but not paying attention to where to install the new tyre. There are two types of wheel drive; front wheel drive (FWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD). installation of the new tyre depends on what type of wheel drive your car has. Firstly learn about FWD and RWD, the car that has RWD means the power to move the vehicle comes from the rear wheels. And the majority of cars come with this system worldwide. But not in the UK, today people are using FWD cars. On the other hand, with the FWD system, the front wheel works much harder than the rear wheels. Pick high-quality by going to the best Car Tyres Shrewsbury.

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Now, as I have said most cars have an FWD system; including compact sedans, mid-size sedans, Compact SUVs, SUVs, etc. Vehicles like Mazda CX-5, Skoda Superb SE L, Audi Q3 Sport, Volkswagen Touran SE, Peugeot 5008, SEAT Tarraco, Audi A4 Vorsprung, Audi Q2, and many more cars have FWD. FWD is okay for regular and some luxury cars. On the other hand, high-speed vehicles such as sports cars, supercars, and most luxury cars of BMW, Mercedes, etc companies come with an RWD system.

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Indeed, not everyone changes all 4 car tyres at a time, since replacing the whole set is expensive. However, most of the drivers buy two tyres. And after buying; install the two tyres in the right place for the performance and durability of the tyre. Of course, you will install the tyres on the rear wheels or the front wheels. Now it depends on your car where you will install the tyre. If you have an FWD system on your car, you must install the tyres at the front axle, whether the tyre is in good or bad condition. If it is in good condition, install the old tyres on the rear and new tyres on the front axles. Of course vice versa for the RWD system.

But you should analyse safety before installing the car tyres. Get to know about tyre installation guide after having deep analysis in this.

A Deep Analysis of Installing a Tyres

Remember, if you have FWD, the front tyres will be worn out more quickly than the rear tyres. And the same thing applies to RWD automobiles. The simplest and most rational course of action would be to simply replace the front car tyres of a vehicle with identically sized and fitted tyres on the front and back axles. It makes sense to place the car tyres with the greatest tread on the front so they last longer because they will wear out the quickest afterwards.

Step 1

This is not the appropriate action to take from a safety standpoint. The capacity of a tyre to remove groundwater so that the rubber in the tread could make the best contact with the surface directly correlates to how much traction it has on rainy road days. The main purpose of a tyre’s tread grooves is to provide channels for standing water on the road surface to drain through. It is simple to see how a tyre with worn tread grooves would not be able to remove as much surface water as a comparable fresh tyre with the full tread depth.

Full Depth Tyres

Therefore why is having a greater back grip advantageous over a front grip? To comprehend, a brief discussion of vehicle dynamics is required.

Understeer is a situation when the front axle’s car tyres do not precisely follow the steering’s specified angle but instead “slide” a little bit wider. The reverse of understeer, oversteer occurs when the vehicle’s head travels a narrower line than the steering wheel’s intended angle. And last, in neutral handling, the vehicle’s head travels exactly along the path that the driving angle dictates.

What are the immediate reasons for sudden tyre punctures?

Avoid the below points to guarantee the vehicle tyres will not acquire puncture easily as well as will last much longer. 

  • Generally, debris along with sharp things such as nails along with screws will be stuck on the outside/surface of the tyre. These conditions will force the tyres to fail a significant portion of air pressure. Consequently, try never to travel in a car in areas that undergo construction, plus a lot of small as well as sharp objects are on the road. 

Previously Fixable with the Bits

  1. As all motor car tyres will face gradual damage as well as become worn-off after travelling for some time. Hence, their power to contain air pressure will lessen. 
  2. Any damage to the valve stem of car tyres can even promote the risk of leaks when travelling.
  3. Travelling daily on rough terrain along with bumpy roads at high rates with ageing or poor-quality tyres. 
  4. A sudden tyre blowout can even be the cause of over-inflation.

What tyre punctures are non-fixable?

According to the newest set of on-road tyre standards, a tyre that is not fixable will be

  1. If there is a puncture on a tyre that was of the help of a DIY kit.
  2. If there is any kind of significant damage visible on the sidewalls.
  3. The depth of a car tyre that comes with tread is over 1.6mm.
  4. If the vehicle owners can see different kinds of cuts along with splits visible on the outside or surface of the tyre.

What exactly is a run-flat car tyre?

Travelling with a tyre that has major puncture becomes challenging for automobile owners who operate every day on highways. Such vehicle owners will either have to use a spare tyre or take the car to the nearest repair facility. But travelling in a car that has tyre puncture will also compromise the internal structural integrity, as well as cause endless tread damage. Hence, buying as well as using Run-flat tyres, also known as RFTs, on the vehicle wheels will help vehicle owners in such situations. The RFTs can move for 50 miles at paces of approximately 50 mph even if there is a small puncture. This power of RFTs is due to their special construction that enables dependable control and removes damage when travelling. 

Vehicle owners can contact a tyre store to know all about the best Puncture Repair in Shrewsbury.


Look, installing the tyre on the rear axle is more reliable after analysis of handling, grip, or other safety purposes. However, at the time of installation, you must check every tyre condition, and get a guide from an experienced mechanic. Choose the best pair of summer, winter, or All season tyres in Shrewsbury and install them at the right axle. Buy a premium tyre to get more safety and performance. Remember, if you are capable of buying 4 tyres at the same time, go for it. As a result, you will experience the prime performance of your car.

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