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It’s not uncommon for advertisers to reassess their use of Google Ads and their approach to advertising in general, as the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. There are many factors that can influence an advertiser’s decision to reassess their use of Google Ads, including changes to Google’s advertising policies and the effectiveness of their current campaigns. Additionally, advertisers may want to reassess their use of Google Ads if they are not seeing the desired results from their campaigns or if they want to try new tactics to reach their target audience. It’s always a good idea for advertisers to regularly review and optimize their advertising efforts to ensure they are effective and achieve their desired outcomes.

What are Redundant keywords? and how we come out of this Google update?

Redundant keywords are keywords that are very similar or identical to other keywords in an advertising campaign. This can occur when an advertiser is targeting multiple variations of the same keyword, or when the same keyword is being targeted in multiple ad groups. Using redundant keywords can be harmful to an advertising campaign because it can lead to ad fatigue and a decrease in the overall performance of the campaign.

To come out of this Google update, it’s important for advertisers to review their campaigns and identify any redundant keywords that may be causing issues. This can be done by using the “Keywords” tab in Google Ads to see all of the keywords being used in an account and their corresponding performance data. Advertisers can then consolidate similar keywords into a single ad group, or pause low-performing keywords to help improve the overall performance of their campaigns. It’s also a good idea to regularly review and optimize campaigns to ensure that they are running effectively and efficiently.

Is Google Ads Recommendations helpful?

Google Ads Recommendations can be helpful for advertisers as they can provide suggestions on how to improve the performance of an advertising campaign. These recommendations can include suggestions for targeting specific keywords, adjusting bid amounts, and adding negative keywords to exclude certain terms from an ad campaign. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these recommendations are generated by algorithms, and they may not always be the best course of action for a particular campaign. It’s always a good idea for advertisers to carefully consider any recommendations provided by Google Ads, and to consider how they align with the overall goals and strategy of their advertising campaigns.

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