Organic almond oil has been recommend for centuries, and Almond oil has been trusted by many mother’s many years. Being a mother, it is pretty challenging to trust random products easily, especially when it comes to baby care. Similarly, choosing a baby massage oil can be quite tedious for you as it is not a good way to experiment with any random product on your baby’s skin. 

Almond oil is beneficial for many reasons as compared to other products. There are two types of oil available in markets for babies, and both are a little different from each other, so you must know which one is good for your baby. 

Which Almond Oil is Better for Baby Massage? 

oil is of two types: sweet and bitter oil. Now, you would be wondering what’s the difference between the two. Let us give you a clear understanding of this. 

Sweet Almond Oil 

This oil is extract from sweet produced by trees – prunus dulcis, var, and Amygdalus.

Did you know the flowers of this tree are primarily white, and sweet oil is commonly used in home remedies and cosmetics? 

Sweet oil is nutritious, edible, and consumable with milk and food items, and it is beneficial for good health, skin, and hair. Almond oil is a base or a carrier oil that comes from the fatty portion of the plant, such as kernels, nuts, and seeds. 

Bitter Almond Oil

Bitter almond oil is an essential oil that’s highly potent and is always use in low quantities. 

Bitter almonds contain only 40-50% of the carrier oil in sweet oil. The flower of this tree is usually pink. 

Bitter almonds are shorter and broader than sweet almonds and can even be toxic if not duly processed. Bitter oil has glycoside amygdalin which releases highly toxic chemicals like prussic acid and benzaldehyde. These chemicals are neither suitable for consumption nor direct application. 

Which One is Good? 

We have explained the difference between sweet and bitter almond oil. The next step is choosing the best one; sweet almond oil is the most recommended one. Sweet oil is a carrier oil, meaning it will not evaporate. On the other hand, bitter oil is an essential oil that is volatile and evaporates. Sweet oil is rich in Vitamin E, and clinical research in 2022 shows that it is 100% safe for baby massage because of its properties.

Advantages of Bio Organic Almond Oil for Baby Massage 

  1. Relief from cradle cap 

A cradle cap is commonly found in babies and is yellowish, greasy, and crusty, with skin patches on the head. The gentle massage/rubbing of the sweet oil on the affected area is beneficial in treating the cradle cap. 

  1. Better Sleep 

The gentle massage of the baby’s body after bathing and before going to bed can relax his/her body. It promotes better sleep as oil has properties such as improving blood circulation. 

  1. Hair Nourishment 

The best part of using oil is that it is rich in Vitamin E, potassium, omega-3 fatty acid, and magnesium which is helpful in soothing, nourishing, and strengthening your baby’s hair. 

  1. Good for Bones 

Most parents ask why almond is good for bones because the high presence of Vitamin E, calcium, and potassium makes almond oil the perfect source to strengthen your baby’s bones and joints. 


It is essential to choose the best oil for your baby because massage plays a vital role in the growth and development of your baby. Doctors recommend almond oil as there are benefits behind this, and we have mention why oil has been use for centuries. If you’re looking for organic, pure, and the best almond oil for hair in India, visit Little Rituals. They deal with 101% natural ingredients processed for baby massage oil, called cold-pressed oil. 

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