A doorbell intercom offers homeowners a number of additional features that go well beyond the simple doorbell. These features offer convenience and security at a reasonable price. Here is a list of these benefits and why you should get a doorbell intercom:

Screen your visitors

Doorbell intercom allows you to monitor your visitors without ever having to go to your door. As you can imagine, this security feature is a hit with older people who are more concerned about protecting their home. But it’s also a plus for everyone, since you no longer have to rush out the door. In principle, you can see who is in front of the door in all rooms of the house (depending on your intercom system). That means you don’t necessarily have to come down the stairs, as you can open the door from the top with a push of a button.

monitor rooms

You can also check the baby with the doorbell intercom. With a simple click of a button, you can see if your baby is doing well or if he might need a change. Additionally, this is a great feature for big families in big houses, as you can let people know dinner’s ready by clicking a few buttons instead of having to go from room to room.

design options     

For those worried about the doorbell intercom distracting from the home decor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there are tons of designer options. With these options, you can choose one to go with it and even end up adding to the decor. Popular versions include custom white or ivory answering machines, and some intercoms are made of brass and aluminum. Some companies also offer a few colors to choose from so you can find one that matches your home’s color schemes.


Another benefit of doorbell intercoms is cost. The price range for these systems is typically between $75 and $220. The higher-priced variants usually have several telephone booths. Most systems are usually equipped with 1 or 2 call boxes. If you later find that additional call boxes are needed, a good solution is to purchase additional plugins that work similarly to plugin doorbell alarms.

Additional functions

There are many different manufacturers of these intercoms. The most common are Aiphone, Cyrex, Panasonic, Nutone, M&S, Valet and GE. These manufacturers offer additional features to influence your decision for their product. For example, you can now buy doorbell intercoms that ring your phone and allow you to talk to the person at the door over the phone. Other new features include the introduction of video and music intercoms. With the video door intercom systems, you can actually see who is in front of the door, whether in black and white or in colour.

Also, you can play music on some doorbell intercoms. This turns the intercom into a whole house music player, feeding AM/FM radio or your own choice of music. Of course, you end up paying more for these other features as the video intercoms range in price from $200 to $500 and the music intercoms are just under $1000. However, depending on the requirements, this additional price can be justified.

Bottom line, doorbell intercoms offer additional benefits that the simple doorbell doesn’t. The added convenience and security may prove too much to pass up.

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