Yacht charter in Turkey

Turkey Yacht

In the Turkey yacht charter, you will find full Mediterranean nature where the passing of the years is not noticeable because it is almost in the same state as 2,000 years ago. It will surprise you.

Luxury yacht in Turkey

Offer of Private Yacht for Rent in Turkey

By noon, you will find the newest Turkey yacht charter of the entire fleet in the Mediterranean part of Turkey. Many units are from this year and 2018, never more than five years old.

Because we have sailed with them, we know that our Partner does exhaustive maintenance on all the boats in the fleet so that they are at sea 100×100 of the time.

But we also offer you all the Services you may need so that on your vacation, you only have to worry about enjoying the navigation and the places you are going to live.

We provide transfers from the airport to the base port, skippers, hostesses, weather alerts, routes, and shopping lists. And everything you may need so that it is just as easy for you to navigate at home.

The Crossings we offer you are coastal, and you will always keep land on the horizon; even in some places, it will give you the feeling of sailing on a lake.

You will discover very marked contrasts, from mountains of more than 1,400 meters close to the coast to wild beaches of more than 10 miles long to magical islands and corners impossible to design by man.

Our Base Port in Gozek has two possible crossings. Heading north, where you will reach modern civilization. Or, heading south, where you will find History and virgin landscapes from the Greeks to the Crusades.

The Lengths that you have range from 20.00 to 11.00 meters so that you can choose your best option, in which, whenever you want, we will advise you personally for crews of up to 12 members.

The sooner you book your Turkey yacht charter you will have more options to find the boat you want.

How is to sail with a private yacht charter Turkey

The Climate, if we can define it with a couple of words, would be the Southern Mediterranean, just as we would find it on the Andalusian coast.

You can sail with your private yacht charter Turkey all year round without problems, but the best time is undoubtedly from June to October. You will have days with a maximum temperature of 30º, low humidity, and warm nights, no less than 18º.

The rain in summer in this area does not exist, remaining a pure anecdote, and if it occurs, it is of a very short duration. The same goes for the storms.

The prevailing winds in the area are from the North west component. They are of thermal origin, so they are born with the sun and disappear when it goes down.

Its intensity is usually over 15 knots, rarely reaching 25 if reinforced by the Greek Metelmi, perfect for getting the most out of your private yacht Rental in Turkey.

The crossings are short, meaning you can enjoy your anchorages and ports for longer or navigate aimlessly where the wind takes you, experiencing the relaxation of navigation.

Life on land in Turkey

The character you will find with the people there is very open and decidedly marked by the Mediterranean component rather than the religious one.

In the Kekova area, it is normal to find blonde people with very blue eyes, perhaps a legacy of the Knights Templar of Rhodes during the Crusades.

That is why you will find Histories, such as the Kale Koy Castle or the Greek ruins of Patara or Cleopatra’s Baths. But also Virgin Nature, such as the Cove of Las Mariposas or the Cove of Asirli Adasi.

The smells are special, a mixture of Mediterranean pine and olive mixed with the saltpeter of the sea. This is already very difficult to find anywhere in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, they still keep them here.

The navigation we propose is divided into two large areas: Fethiye and Kekova. You have to make a small 25-mile coastal journey between the two, but it is certainly worth it because it is the most special.

Once you are in one of the two areas, the crossings are short, between 2 or 3 hours, depending on the speed of your boat. After that, you can navigate aimlessly where the wind takes you.

 Without a doubt, if you want to know what the Mediterranean was like 2,000 years ago but with today’s comforts, you can do it with your sailboat in Turkey.

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