Yellow Sapphire Stone

Do you want to know about the beauty and power of yellow sapphire stone? Look no further! In this article, you will learn all about the unique properties, benefits, and pricing of this precious gemstone. So, if you’re looking for a stunning accessory or a powerful addition to your collection, then read on and find out why yellow sapphire is a perfect choice.

What is Yellow Sapphire Stone?

The yellow sapphire stone is a beautiful and precious gemstone that has been used in jewelry and other decorative objects for centuries. Yellow Sapphire stone is also known as Pukhraj stone. This stone is found in a variety of colors, but the most popular and valuable color is yellow. The yellow sapphire is believed to have a number of different powers and properties, including the ability to bring good luck, success, and prosperity. It is also said to promote mental clarity and wisdom and to help protect against negative energies.

Properties of Yellow Sapphire Stone

When it comes to yellow sapphire stone, there are a few key properties that you should be aware of. For starters, this precious stone is said to be associated with the planet Jupiter. In addition, it is also the birthstone for the month of September.

As far as the physical properties of the yellow sapphire stone are concerned, it is typically found in various colors including yellow, orange, and green. It should also be noted that this particular gemstone is quite hard, ranking at a 9 on the Mohs scale.

When it comes to wearing yellow sapphire stone, is believed to offer a number of benefits. For instance, it is thought to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear it. Additionally, it has also been known to promote mental clarity and understanding.

Price of Yellow Sapphire Stone

The price of a yellow sapphire stone can vary based on its quality, carat weight, and origin. In our online shop Gemmines, the average price for a high-quality yellow sapphire is about 20 thousand rupees. However, prices can range from 2 thousand to 2 lakhs rupees depending on the gemstone’s quality and carat weight. The most expensive yellow sapphires are typically those that are large in size and have a high clarity rating.

Where to Buy Yellow Sapphire?

There are a few places where you can buy a yellow sapphire gemstone. The most common place to find them is at a jewelry store. You can also find them online, but make sure you are buying from a reputable source. Here are a few places to buy yellow sapphires:

-A local jewelry store: This is the most convenient option if you live near a jewelry store that sells yellow sapphires.

-An online retailer: You can find many online retailers that sell yellow sapphires. Just make sure you do your research to ensure you are buying from a reputable source.

-A specialty store: If you have a specific type of store in mind, such as a store that specializes in loose gemstones, then you may be able to find yellow sapphires there as well.

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Yellow sapphire is a precious stone that has been associated with good luck and healing powers since ancient times. It can be used in jewelry, worn as a pendant or bracelet, or simply kept close to one’s body. 

The power of the yellow sapphire can help bring balance to the wearer’s life and provide protection against negative energies. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when deciding whether or not you should invest in this beautiful gemstone – but if you do choose to go ahead with it, then we hope our article has provided some useful information about its properties and potential benefits!

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